You can use the Stock Management app to track your products. You can also use it to track ingredients, eg. how many eggs you need  (see: How do I create and assign ingredients?),

In some practices, it is even more helpful to track the stage in between the initial ingredient(s) and the finished product. This the working item. It works like this:

Ingredient(s) -> Working Item -> Item

A prep list lets you organise your working items. After you link your ingredients, working items, and items, you can create a prep list that automatically predicts how much of each working item you need. 

Before you start

You will need to configure your products as working items in the backend first before using the Prep List feature on the Stock Management app.

  1. Create each ingredient (Products > Add Product) and mark them as stock items 

  2. Create a working item (Products > Add Product), and mark it as a stock item.

  3. Set the ingredient as an ingredient for the working item.

  4. Set the working item as the ingredient for the final item.

Enable Hospitality Mode

In Settings, tick Enable Hospitality Mode then tap Save. This will make the "Prep List" button appear at the bottom of the screen, represented by a page icon.

Using the Prep List

  1. Go to Prep List. Press the + button in the top right corner.

2. Select the Stations that you wish to create Prep Lists for. Tap Next.
Note: These Stations are created in the backend.

3. Select the day range for which you wish to make a Prep List. The app will automatically calculate how much of each item from the selected station(s) will be needed for the days selected.

4. Tap Submit

5. The newly created Prep List will appear at the top of the Prep List page.

6. Tap the Confirmation button (open box) to confirm that the preparation items are in their correct places. Submit.

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