The Stocking page allows you to record the daily "stocking", or loading of Working Items to their Product Stations.

Stocking Stations

  1. Tap the + button on the top right corner to begin stocking.

2. Select the Product Stations that you wish to stock. These are configured in the backend. 

3. Tap Next.

4. Select whether you wish to stock for the Breakfast, Lunch, and/or Dinner period. The Stock Management app will calculate how much of each Working Item should be required for the period you have selected.

5. Tap Submit to create the stocking requirement.

6. The new stocking requirement will appear at the top of the Stocking list.

7. When you have loaded the stock to its required station, tap the open box button

8. Tick each Working Item that you can confirm has been loaded to its station.

9. Tap Confirm. The options at the bottom of the screen will change; you can now Print the confirmation or return to the Stocking page (OK).

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