Welcome to Abacus!

We're glad to have you on board.

Let's get you started with a basic setup for
× Point of Sale terminal and up to 2 × printers.

You will need:

  • 1 × iPad
  • 1 × cash drawer
  • 1 × router
  • 1 × printer¹ 
  • (Optional) 1 × additional printer²
  • Access to a laptop/desktop computer 

Please note that these instructions assume that you have had your hardware already set up by Abacus POS.

¹ Abacus recommends the Epson TM-T88iv, TM-T82ii, TM-m30 and Epson u220b
² 1 printer is sufficient. You only need 2 printers if you want to print dockets and receipts on different printers.

Let's get started!

1. Contact Abacus to work out your plan

The Abacus Team will figure out what setup would work for your business, and organise a time to pick up your hardware, which will have already been set up for you.

2. Download Abacus

You will be provided a special download link.

3. Set up your Products and Menu

Go to app.abacus.co. Log into your Abacus web account with the provided credentials.

Create your Categories

Add your Products

Create a Menu

Tech savvy? Save time by importing CSV files instead!

4. Set up your Product Variants

Create and assign your Product Variants (also known as "extras" or "modifiers")

5. Set up your Printing

If you are have more than one printer, create a Printer Location for it and assign it to all your products.

Connect your printer to the router and cash drawer, and select all of your printer locations on the iPad.

Quick Guides

Now that you have your Abacus POS set up, it's time to train your staff! Refer to these training guides:

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