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Connect to Abacus POS

To connect your Westpac Presto Smart (model VX 690) payment device to Abacus POS, please follow the following instructions:

Connect VX690 to network

  1. Go to Menu (ENTER + 3) > Utility > Network > Wifi > Scan New

  2. Select your "Abacus" network

  3. Enter your Abacus network password

Pair VX690 with POS

1. Press Pair with POS.

2. Enter your Merchant password

3. The payment device will show its:

  • Serial number

  • Network name

  • IP address

4. On Abacus, go to Settings > Payment > Custom Payments > Simple Payments Integration.

5. Tap Select payment provider on the top right corner and select Westpac Presto.

6. Ensure that Automatic IP Address is toggled on. This will allow you to stay connected with your Westpac terminal if your IP address is dynamic (i.e. it changes).

If you forget to turn it on before you pair, you need to unpair, toggle it on, then re-pair.

You do not need to toggle this on if you have a Static IP address.

7. Enter the serial number, exactly as it is shown on the payment device (including the dashes)

8. Tap Save

9. The IP address should appear automatically. If not, check to see if your payment device is on the same network as your POS, then try again.

10. Tap PAIR

11. Both devices will display a pairing code.

12. Confirm the pairing code is the same by pressing Yes on the payment device and Okay in Abacus.

13. Both devices will say "Connected".

How to enable Westpac Pay At Table

Supported on Abacus POS 2.8.100 and later.

You can have 1 Westpac Pay@Table terminal per POS, which can be either the Master or Slave. Every terminal must connect to its own POS.

When your Westpac payment terminal and Abacus POS are connected to each other, toggle on Pay At Table on the top right corner of the Simple Payments Integration page. Your Westpac terminal will then say Pay At Table.

With Pay At Table enabled, a waiter will be able to select which table they would like to initiate payment for, using just their payment terminal without the POS.

How to enter standalone mode (3G backup)

If you lose your main internet connection and you need to make card payments, you will need to use your Westpac card reader in standalone mode.

  1. On the card reader, press ENTER + 3 

  2. Select 1) Unpair terminal

  3. Select Yes. The screen will display "Unpairing terminal".

  4. You will be asked to unpair from the POS. Select Yes. The screen will display "Unpairing terminal".

  5. When the unpairing has been completed, the screen will display "Terminal unpaired".

  6. The screen will then display "Pair with POS". This means your Presto Smart VX 690 is now in standalone mode.

How to disable Bluetooth on the Presto Smart

1. Enter standalone mode by pressing Enter + 1 simultaneously 

2. Enter the Merchant Password

3. Scroll down and press "Utility" then "Bluetooth Config"

4. Press "Remove Pairing" and press "X" to exit out of the standalone screen and return to integrated mode

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