The Roster Pad Application comes with the Roster module. It is a standalone application which allows staff to check in and check out, like the Clock In/Clock Out function in the main Abacus application, but requires the individual PIN rather than password, and has the advantage of camera access; it will capture a photo using the iPad's front-facing camera upon staff check in and out.

Upon the initial application login, you will need to select the store/venue for the Roster Pad, in the bottom right corner. You will also need to approve camera access when requested from the application.

Staff will check in by entering their unique PIN and pressing the tick.

An image will be captured, and a pop-up box will confirm who has logged in (according to the unique PIN). Each staff member will need to check in at the beginning of their shift and check out at the end of their shift.

Upon checking out, the system will calculate the staff member's total number of working hours for the day, based on their check in and check out times.

If there is internet connection, time sheets will automatically synchronise to the backend ( each time somebody checks in or out. If there is no internet connection, the application will still function, although you may need to force synchronisation by tapping SYNC TIMESHEETS on the bottom left once internet connection is regained. The last sync time will display at the base of the screen.

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