Note: When your account is created, a default location/venue is created with the name of your company. This location/venue will always be at the top of any location/venue list, including drop-down lists. 

1. Go to Location/Venue on the sidebar and then click New Location/Venue

2. This will take you to the Location/Venue Details page, where you can fill in all the details for the location/venue. These details include location/venue name, registration number, logo, address, opening hours and break length. The most important fields to fill in are the name and opening hours. You can always fill in the rest of the details at a later stage. 

3. Click Save. Now scroll down to create Job Roles for this location. 

4. To add a new job role, simple click New Job Role, then fill in the Name, Required Staff and Shift Length (Hours), and a Note if you wish. The Required Staff is the number of people you would want working under that job role on any given day. 

By default, the system roles (Staff, Manager, Admin) will be duplicated as Job Roles for your convenience, but Job Roles are independent to system roles. You can delete these pre-made roles or rename them for your own use (e.g. Front of House, Kitchen). 

Editing/Duplicating a Location/Venue

To edit an existing location/venue, simply click the edit button to the right of that location/venue. This will take you to the Location/Venue Detail page. Next to the edit button is the duplicate button that lets you duplicate that location/venue. 

If you make any changes, make sure you Save

Deleting a Location/Venue

To delete a location/venue, go to its Location/Venue Detail page (by clicking the edit button in the Location/Detail page) and click the Delete button at the top of the page. 

Importing / Exporting Location/Venue Information 

To export your locations/venues:

  1. Click Export at the top of the screen 

  2. A popup window prompt you to download a CSV file of all your locations/venues

  3. Click Save and you will now have a file containing your location/venue information.

If you end up needing more locations/venues:

  1. Export the CSV file (following the above instructions)

  2. Edit the CSV file

  3. Click Import on the Location/Venue page

  4. Select your edited CSV file

  5. Click Open

  6. Your locations will be imported.  

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