Creating pay rates

In this system, pay rates are assigned to individual staff members. You have to make a pay rate first. 

Casual Rate 

  1. Click the New Pay Rate button. 

  2. Enter the name of your Pay Rate.
    (Optional) You may wish to specify:
    Age Type (adult, junior, apprentice)
    Job Type (casual, part-time/full-time)
    Level (0-6)
    Grade (0-5)

Note: These are purely for your own reference.

3. Click the pencil button. 

You will be taken to the Pay Rate Details page, with the name of the pay rate at the top of the page. Each pay rate is made up of pay rate block that defines how much someone gets paid during different times of the day. 

4. Limit the times displayed by choosing a start and end time. 

5. Click in a cell to create a pay rate block. 

6. Select the start time and end time of the pay rate. 

7. Enter the hourly rate for this period. 

8. Click Save

9. A pay rate block will appear in the timetable. 

10. To copy the pay rate block to another day, click the pay rate block, select a day and then click duplicate and save

Using this pay rate system, you can create highly personalised pay rates where the rate is dependent on the time of day (multiple pay rate blocks for the one day). Alternatively, you can create very simple pay rates where the rate is the same all day (one long pay rate block for one day). 

11. Click Save when you are satisfied with your pay rate configuration. 

Full-time Salary

Conversely, you may want to add a pay rate that applies to full-time workers will salaries as opposed to hourly wages. 

  1. Similar to creating the Casual rate above, click the New Pay Rate button.

  2. Enter the name of your Pay Rate. 

  3. Click the pencil button. 

4. Click the toggle under Is Full Time

5. Input a salary number in the salary field. You won’t be required to select a pay rate block like for Casual Pay Rates, because this pay rate is recorded as a set salary. This information will be recorded in Roster Reports

6. Click Save when you are satisfied with your pay rate configuration.

Delete a pay rate block 

To delete a pay rate: mouse over the block to reveal the × button and then click it. 

Modify a pay rate block 

To change the start/end time only: you can change the length of the block by clicking and dragging on the top or bottom of the block. 

To change the start/end times or day of the week: you can click and drag the block to any cell in the timetable. 

Click Save when you have made your desired changes. 

More about pay rates 

In the Pay Rate page, you can duplicate and delete whole pay rates without going into the pay rates timetable. 


Click the pages button to duplicate a pay rate. 


Click the × button to delete the pay rate. 

Public Holiday Pay Rates 

You can also make your pay rates automatically increase for public holidays. 

  1. Under Public Holiday Rates, click New Item.

  2. Enter the Name of the public holiday. 

  3. (Optional) Enter the description

  4. Select the Start and End times for the public holiday. 

  5. Set the multiplier. This is the amount by which the pay rate will be multiplied during the public holiday. For example, if you make your multiplier “2” on the 25th of December, the pay rate will be doubled for all workers that day. 

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