If you want staff members to receive rostering emails (e.g. shift response request, shift confirmation, etc.), make sure rostering email subscription is ticked in their Staff Details page.

Creating default email templates

  1. Go to Configuration module and then go to Email Template in the sidebar on the left. This page displays your list of email templates in the system.

2. Click Create Default Email Templates at the top.

3. Click Add Missing Templates. This means that you will get all the most recent email templates available.

Alternatively, click Overwrite Templates if you want to reset your email subjects and descriptions to the default settings.

4. The particular templates that are relevant to rostering are:

  • Roster Confirmation: Sends to staff when they have been rostered for a shift and asks them to confirm the shift (unless Auto Confirm Working has been turned on). To resend this email to all staff members with unconfirmed shifts, click the Resend Confirmation Email button in the Roster page (via Rostering Module). To resend this email only to an individual staff member, click on that particular shift in your roster and find the staff member. You will then click the Resend button.  

  • Roster Shift Confirmed: Sends when a shift has been confirmed by the manager. 

  • Roster Shift Delete: Sends when an assigned shift has been deleted by the manager. 

  • Roster Shift Note: Sends shift note to staff. To compose and send a note, click Send Note on the Roster page. Select Confirmed or Unconfirmed for the destined recipients.

  • Roster Timesheet Invoice: Sends roster timesheet to the shift location. 

  • Shift Confirmation: Prompts unconfirmed staff to confirm their attendance when a shift does not have enough confirmed staff. 

  • Shift Reminder: Prompts confirmed staff to verify that they are still coming to the accepted shift. 

  • Shift Replacement: Sends a shift replacement request to a staff member. 

  • Shift Replacement: Sends a shift replacement response to the original staff member. 

  • Shift Replacement Notification: Notifies admin/manager when a staff has a replacement. 

  • Staff Wants Work: Notifies admin/manager when a staff members tries to confirm a shift that has a full roster. 

  • Shift Replacement Response: Notifies the staff member who had requested a shift replacement that the request has been responded to

Editing email templates

To edit an email template, click the pencil button to the right of it in the Email Templates page.

This will take you to the Email Template Details page. The required fields are sender, subject and body.

The body of the email can be fully formatted. You can insert hyperlinks, images and tables. To view the HTML, click the </> button on the right.

Alternatively, you can create an SMS template by clicking on the SMS Body tab.

Note: You will need to top up your SMS credit in Configuration > Company Profile > Basic Info > SMS Credit to use the SMS notification service.

Click Save after all changes.

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