On the Staff page, you can view a list of your staff members, as well as their contact details, hours worked per week, their shift acceptance/rejection/unanswered/replacement rate, and their star rating for co-operation, efficiency, speed, and reliability.

View/Edit Staff Details

Click the pencil icon to view and edit staff details.

Creating Staff

  1. Go to Staff in the left sidebar and then click New Staff Member.

2. Fill in these essential fields:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Mobile number

  • Email address

  • PIN

  • Password

  • Hours per week  (an estimate of how many hours the staff member works on average every week)

  • Date of birth (only compulsory if you wish to export timesheets to Xero)

3. Select a Pay Rate 

4.  Tick Availability Control if you want your staff to be able to control their availability within their roster staff portal.

5. Click Save, and more options will load!

6. Tick Roster Email under Rostering Subscriptions if you want your staff member to be subscribed to rostering emails

7.  Under Availability, list when your staff are available.

 To add a new availability, click Add Availability.

This will open a popup window where you need to fill in all the details for the availability: days of the week, start/finish date and start/finish time. All these fields are required. You can also add a note if you wish.

The availability of the staff member refers to when they are available to work shifts. If you designate them a shift when they are unavailable, the roster will have a purple N/A (Not Available) tag attached.

8. Apply any Tags you wish to attach to the staff member. 


For each staff member, you will see a set of ratings for staff qualities: Cooperative, Efficient, Speedy and Reliability. The ratings displayed here are the average of the ratings for each shift completed by this staff member (see Editing and rating staff members section below for details). This overall rating is also displayed in the staff list on the Staff page. 

Staff Files 

You are able to upload staff details that are relevant to their job role, and download them later if required. 

Shift History

At the bottom of the page is Shift History, where you can view all the shifts this staff member has been rostered on for. You can filter by job role (note that staff members are not necessarily limited to working under one job role). This list displays the individual ratings for each shift.

Editing and Rating Staff Members 

  1. To edit an existing staff member, click on the pencil button located to the right of the staff member. You can search for staff by name and also filter by whether they are active or inactive. 

2. You will be taken to the Staff Details page. Scroll down to the bottom to find Shift History, where you will be able to see all the shifts completed by this particular staff member. You can filter the shifts by job role. To set the ratings for each shift, click the pencil button to the right of that shift. 

3. You will now be on the Timesheet Details page for that shift (also accessible via Timesheets). Scroll down to the Ratings section and click on the stars to set each rating. Click the red star to set a zero rating (no stars). 

4. Once you have set the ratings, click Save at the top of the page. You can change these ratings at any time. The overall staff ratings seen in the Staff Page and Staff Details page are average ratings based on these shift history ratings. 

5. Whilst you are still on the Timesheet Details page, you can also edit the actual shift/break start/finish times if you wish (the planned shift/break start/finish times are from the roster). 

Note: If you change any ratings or times, make sure you Save. You can also reject/approve the timesheet by clicking the buttons at the top of the page, but make sure you Save first. You can still edit the timesheet after approving/rejecting it, and you can change the status from rejected to approved (and vice versa) at any time.

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