Your staff can manage their shifts and rosters by logging into the Roster Staff Portal.


  1. To access the portal, go to

  2. They would log in with credentials set by you in the POS > Users page

3. Upon logging in, your store's logo is displayed in the top left of the page (uploaded in Configuration > Company Profile > Logo).

The initial page will be Shift Confirmation, which allows staff to:

  • Accept and reject shifts that have been assigned to them

  • See their role, start/end times and break times

If they reject any shifts, those shifts will no longer appear in their portal, and if they accept any shifts, those shifts will move into the Upcoming Shifts page. 

Shift Confirmation

  1. As mentioned earlier, this is the first page your staff will see upon logging in. All shifts that are pending for a response will be displayed here. 

  2. Staff can select either Accept or Reject for each shift 

  3. Then click Confirm at the bottom of the list

  4. Accepted shifts will be labelled W (Confirmed Working) in the roster, whilst rejected shifts will become labelled N/W (Confirmed Not Working) in the roster. 

5. All shifts that have been confirmed (either accepted or rejected) will disappear from the Shift Confirmation page.

Upcoming Shifts

To view upcoming shifts, click the Upcoming Shifts button at the top. These are the shifts that a staff member has accepted (or have been accepted by you on their behalf).

Finding a replacement for a shift

If your staff can no longer do a particular shift they can ask another staff member to their spot.

  1. In the Upcoming Shifts page, under the Replacement column click the Find button

  2. In the popup window, displayed are all other staff members with unconfirmed shifts for the same job role on that day.

  3. Your staff member seeking a replacement would click the Request button next to the staff member they want to send a shift replacement request to.

4. This will send out a “Roster Shift Replacement” email to you and both staff members.
Note: The reason will only send to you.

5. If the replacement staff member accepts the shift, your roster will be updated so the original staff member will be shown to be not working, and the replacement member to be working instead.

View other staff members on duty

  1. To view other staff members on duty, click the Show button in the Upcoming Shifts page.

  2. In the popup window, displayed are all other staff members with confirmed working shifts on that day.


If staff want to view their registered availability, they would click the Availability button at the top.

This will display all the staff member's availability listings (as displayed in the Roster module's Staff Details).

If you have disabled Availability Control, staff will need to contact you directly to update availabilities.

Add a new availability listing

If you have enabled Availability Control, staff will be able to update their availability themselves.

With Availability Control enabled, their webpage will look like this:

  1. To add a new availability listing, they would click the Add button in the Availability page.

  2. They would select which days of the week they are available, as well as the start/end dates and the start/end times. You can also add a note if you wish.

  3. When they are happy with all the details, they would click Save.

  4. This new availability will also be added to Staff Details.

Delete an availability listing

To delete an availability listing, click the X button to the right of it.


To check/edit details, click the Details button at the top.

If you make any changes to your details, make sure you Save. These changes will also be saved to Staff Details.

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