Stock Management > Locations is where you create the locations for your stock.

Create a new Locations

On the Location page, click Add New Location, which will take you to the Location Details page.

Add in all the information and click Save. After saving, the Location Products section will appear.

Add products to a Location

  1. In the Location Products (also known as "Warehouse Products") section of a location, click the field and type a product name. You can only select products that have been set as "Stock" in their product details.

  2. The dropdown will narrow down the products and you can select them. You can select many products to add at once.

  3. After selecting the products, click Add.

The products selected are added to the list of products of the Location with stock quantity of 0.

To delete a product from the Location, click the delete button to the right of the product (x).

Edit a Location

Click the Edit (pencil) button to the right of a location listing in the page.

This will take you to the Location Details page. Modify the information you want and click Save to save your changes.

Delete (Archive) a Location

There is no way to completely delete a location since it contains important information about the stock. Instead, we archive it. Go to the Location Details page and then click Archive.

The status of the Location should be changed to archived and the Archive button should be replaced by a Restore button.

Note: You cannot delete a Default Location.

Add Locations to a product

You can also manage a stockable product's Locations in the Product Details > Stock Management page.

Note: You must have "Is Stock" ticked to add Locations. You still have to go to Stock Management to stock in or stock out.

Select a Location 

  1. On the POS, go to Settings > Sync and Sync Location Info

  2. Go to Settings > Device Options to select the Location where the POS is situated.

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