Overview of Roster

The roster page is where you roster your staff. Its information is drawn from your locations/venues, pay rates, tags and staff. It is a good idea to configure your roster emails before creating the roster, to ensure staff members are appropriately notified when the roster affects them.

Note: You must tick Roster Email for each staff member (Staff > Staff Details) for them to receive automated emails.

Job Roles are displayed down the left-hand side, while the Opening Hours are displayed along the top of the table. These job roles and opening hours will update accordingly depending on the location/venue selected in the top right hand corner. The date/date range is displayed in the top left corner, and can be adjusted to suit the date you desire.

Conflicting Shifts

Conflicting shifts are shown below the roster table (Read-only). Shifts are considered conflicting if the start/finish times overlap for the same person. 

Resolve the issue: You must change the shifts for this particular person in the roster table above. Once it has been resolved, it should disappear from the Conflicting Shifts table. 

Shift Labels

There are five different colour-coded labels for shifts:

 N/C: Unconfirmed - draft (grey)
i.e. the shift request has not yet been sent out (you'll need to click Publish to send it)

N/C: Unconfirmed - published (orange)
i.e. the shift request has been sent out

W: Confirmed Working (green)

 N/W: Confirmed Not Working (red)

N/A: Not Available (purple text, any background colour) - the shift is not entirely within the staff member's availability as defined in the Staff Details page.

Day and Week View

Day View 

Selecting the Day tab displays your roster in a daily view. It shows:

  • The required number of staff members 

  • Remaining staff vacancies 

  • Staff confirmed to work

  • Staff who have not confirmed 

  • Staff who have confirmed not to work 

  • Hours of the day

The number of staff members required for each role is displayed under the Job Roles. It will also display the number of staff members still required when your staff begin to accept or reject shifts.

Under each hourly heading, the average number of labour hours and cost for that period are shown for the last week, and the last three months (e.g. the last week between 9am-10am, the last three months between 9am-10pm). 

Week View 

The Week tab displays the roster in a weekly view. Displayed for each job role and each day of the week is: 

  • Hours of labour 

  • Cost of labour 

  • Number of people confirmed to work 

Displayed in the top left of the table is the:

  • Total hours of labour 

  • Total cost of labour 

  • Total number of people confirmed to work for the whole week 

Under each day, the same information is provided for that day, as well as for the last week (LW) and the last three months (L3M). 

You may also see "FCT", which is the roster forecast based on the last 3 months of sales.

Note: The date for Day and the date range for Week are independent, i.e. changing the date in the Day tab will not affect the date range in the Week tab (and vice versa).

Creating Shifts

  1. Click a blank cell in either Day or Week view. A pop-up box will appear with Add Shift details. 

Note: Shift length is defined per Job Role in the Location/Venue Details page. The default break length is defined in the Location/Venue Information section. If you change the Shift/Break Start/Finish times, then the shift length will update accordingly.

By default, all new shifts are created with the N/C (unconfirmed) label. However, if you click the Auto Confirm Working checkbox when creating a shift, the new shift will be created with the green (confirmed working) label.

2. Putting a break in the shift is optional. To add a break, select times for Break Start and Break Finish. You can only choose times that fall inside the Shift Start and Shift Finish times.

3. Add a note if desired. For example, uniform requirements. 

4. Now you need to select which staff members will be rostered for this shift. The staff list displays the number of shift hours they have remaining per week (defined in their Staff Details page) minus the number of hours they already have in confirmed shifts.

You can narrow down the list of staff members by using tags or searching by name.

You can select as many staff members as you like for this shift.

If you wish to learn how to make the shift a recurring shift, follow onto step 5. Otherwise go to step 6. 

5. You can make a recurring shift by clicking Show More. From the Recurring drop down list, choose how often you want the shift to recur. Then either input the number of additional shifts (excluding the current shift) or the end date for the recurring shift. 

6. Click Save to put the shift in the draft roster.

Every time you begin a roster, it will start as a draft. The shift blocks will be in grey and labelled "(N/C) - Draft" (attendance not confirmed, draft roster), unless you have turned on Auto Confirm Working.

6. When you are satisfied with the draft roster, click Publish. This will publish all drafted rosters from the current date. The grey draft shift blocks will turn orange when they have been published. Clicking Publish will also send e-mail shift notifications to the staff members, if Roster Email underneath Rostering Subscriptions has been ticked in Staff Details (Rostering module).

Copying Shifts

  1. You can duplicate a week's roster to another week by clicking Copy Roster. Unconfirmed (orange) and confirmed working (green) shifts will be duplicated; draft (grey) and confirmed not working (red) shifts will not be duplicated.

You will be able to copy the source week's roster to a target week. By default, all job roles and all weekdays will be duplicated. You can narrow this down by clicking the drop-down box. You can also scroll down and alter the copied roster by ticking/unticking staff members.

Note: Roster copying only works across different weeks. i.e. You can copy a Monday roster from week 1 to a Monday roster in week 2, but you cannot copy a Monday roster to a Tuesday roster of any week.

2. Select your Source Week Date (what roster will it copy) and your Target Week Date (the date the source roster will be copied to). 

3. Once you are satisfied, click Copy Roster

Editing Shifts

  1. Click on the shift you wish to edit

  2. Click Edit Shift

  3. Here you can change the Job Role, Staff Member, Shift/Break Start/Finish times and the shift note. If a shift has a scheduled break, this can be removed by clicking Remove Break.

    You can also choose to make this shift recurring by choosing from the checkbox options and then inputting either the number of additional shifts (excluding the current shift) or the end date for the recurring shift. 

2. When you are happy with the changes you have made to the shift details, click Save to save the changes to the roster. 

Note: If you simply want to move the shift, just click and drag the shift to a new cell. This will update the Shift/Break Start/Finish times, but not the shift length.

Deleting Shifts

  1. Click on the shift you wish to delete.

  2. Go to the shift’s Edit Shift section.

  3. Click Delete in the bottom right of the section. 

Note: The shift will not be deleted instantaneously, please allow the system some time to finalise the action. 

Confirming a shift on behalf of staff

  1. To apply either the W (Confirmed Working) or N/W (Confirmed Not Working) label to a shift, click on the shift to go to the Edit Shift section.

  2. Choose either Confirm Working or Confirm Not Working.

If you choose Confirm Working, then the "Roster Shift Confirmed" email will be sent to that staff member.

Note: Normally, the staff member will confirm the shift themselves. However, this is a way for you to override the shift status.

Sending roster emails to staff

Send Roster Emails to Staff

Send "Roster Confirmation" request email

The "Roster Confirmation" request email will be sent out to staff on the roster when you click Publish.

Note: If you wish to add a note to the shift, make sure the "Roster Confirmation" request email template contains the placeholder [Note], which is how the note you write in the Add Shift section appears in the email. To view and edit email templates, go to the Configuration module and then go to Email Template in the left sidebar. (See Roster Email Configuration.)

Resend "Roster confirmation" request email

To resend the "Roster confirmation" request email to all staff with unconfirmed shifts, click the Resend Confirmation Email button at the top of the roster page.

To resend the "Roster confirmation" request email to a particular staff member, click on their unconfirmed shift in the roster and then click the Resend button at the bottom left of the Edit Shift section.

Send "Roster Shift Confirmed" email

The "Roster Shift Confirmed" email is sent out when:

  1. You confirm their shift in the roster. To do this, click on the shift in the roster and then click the Confirm Working button at the bottom left of the Edit Shift section.

2. You create a shift that is set to Auto Confirm Working. This means that the shift is labelled W (Confirmed Working) as soon as it is created, rather than N/C (Unconfirmed). To do this, when you are creating the shift, check the Auto Confirm Working checkbox.

Send "Roster Shift Delete" email

When you delete a shift in the roster, the staff members who were rostered will receive the "Roster Shift Delete" email. To delete a shift, click on the shift in the roster and then click the Delete button at the bottom right of the Edit Shift section.

Send "Roster Shift Note" email

To send a note to staff members with either confirmed or unconfirmed shifts in the roster, click the Send Note button at the top of the Roster page.

A popup window will appear, where you can write the note you wish to send and select either confirmed or unconfirmed staff as recipients. 

When you click Send, the "Roster Shift Note" email will be sent out.

Note: Make sure the "Roster Shift Note" email template contains the placeholder [Note], which is how the note you write in the popup appears in the email. To view and edit email templates, go to the Configuration module and then go to Email Template in the left sidebar. (See Roster Email Configuration.)

Roster Summary

You can move from month to month by clicking the left and right arrow buttons at the top of the calendar. Clicking Today will take you to the current month. 

You also have the option to view your Roster Summary in a month view, or day view. 

Clicking on a particular Location/Venue will take you to the roster summary for that shift, which includes information such as Total labour hours, Total labour costs, Rostered staff and more. 

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