Suppliers Overview

View and edit your suppliers on the Suppliers page. These suppliers will be attached to purchase orders.

To view and edit the details of an existing supplier, click the Edit (pencil) button. This will take you to its Supplier Details page.

Creating a New Supplier

Click New Supplier to enter the details page of a new supplier.

Fill in the basic business details, as well as the contact details. Click Save.

Note: You may add multiple email addresses to a supplier, so that when you send a purchase order, it will send to those different email addresses. To do this, enter the multiple email addresses in the Email address field, separating them only with a semicolon (no space), e.g.; 

Adding a supplier to a product

To add a supplier to a product, go to the Product Details page, navigate to the Stock Management tab, and add a supplier from the drop-down list. There, you can also define the supplier code and the delivery time.

What's a supplier code?
While you have your own product codes, some suppliers have their own codes for their products. This can be useful to refer to when you need to contact your supplier about a particular item.

The purpose of adding suppliers to products is so that when you use the ordering form, the resultant purchase orders will be created per supplier according to the products ordered.

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