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How can I set "Happy Hour"?
How can I set "Happy Hour"?

An example of how to use Multipricing Rules

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To configure an automated "Happy Hour" deal, you will need to set a Multipricing Rule.

This document How can I set "Happy Hour" will run through how to specifically set a "Happy Hour" multipricing rule. "Happy Hour" is a period where a particular product is at a reduced price, eg. Cocktails are $10 from 7pm to 8pm on Friday nights.

Setting "Happy Hour" is a three-step process: first you will need to create the multipricing rule, then you will need to apply it, then you will need to sync it.

Create a Multipricing rule

  1. On the backend, go to POS > Sales > Multipricing Rules

2. You will see the Multipricing Rules page. Click New Multipricing Rule. An empty listing will appear.

3. Fill in the name ("Happy Hour"), order type ("EatIn"), and the period that you want the multipricing rule to apply for.

4. At the right of the listing, click the Edit (pencil) button.

5. You will see the Multipricing Rule Details page.

6. Scroll down to Pricing.

7. Set the discount value/percentage, or a fixed value that you wish to apply to the "Happy Hour" product(s).

8. Scroll down to Periods.

9. Click New Period and enter the day(s) and period that you wish "Happy Hour" to apply.

10. Press Save.

Apply a Multipricing Rule

  1. Go to POS > Products > Products

2. You will see your Products list.

3. Tick all the products that you want to be affected by the "Happy Hour" Multipricing Rule.

4. Click Settings.

5. Go to the Multi-Pricing tab of the pop-up window.

6. In the drop-down box, select "Happy Hour" and click Apply.

The rule will be applied to the selected products and the pop-up will close.

7. You can verify that the Multipricing Rule has been applied by going into any individual product's details. Click the Edit (pencil) button at the right of a product listing.

8. Navigate to the Advanced tab.

9. Under Multiple Pricing, you will see any multipricing rules applied (i.e. "Happy Hour"), and the price that the product will be during it.

Sync Multipricing Rules

To apply the changes on the POS, go to Settings > Sync and Sync Changed Products.

Now, each time the Happy Hour comes around, your Happy Hour products will automatically have their new price for that period of time!

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