Using a demo account

Have a browse in one of our demo accounts!

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So you want to try out one of our demo accounts? Come on in!

Just ask us what kind of demo account you'd like access to, and we'll provide you:

  • A username

  • A password

  • A staff user PIN

Then follow the login steps below to try out the backend or the iPad app.

Backend (computer)

  1. Log into the Abacus web demo account with the provided credentials.

3. Now you're logged in, feel free to take a browse!
​Note: If you see a banner asking you to enter credit card details, you may ignore it. You are not required to enter your credit card details to use a demo account.

App (iPad)

  1. Go to the App Store and Install Abacus Point of Sale (POS) on your iPad

2. Log into the demo Abacus app account with the provided credentials.

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