There may be several reasons why your printer is not working.

If Abacus POS is unable to send an order to a printer, the printer icon will light up with the number of banked up print tasks.

Note: The icon will not blink if you have not set up printing in the first place, i.e. if you do not set a printer location for a product, or if you have not "enabled" a printer connection.

If you are experiencing this issue, try these steps first:

If your printer is not printing, please ensure that:

✔️ The printer has paper
If there is a red stripe on the paper, your paper is running out, so prepare to resupply

✔️ The printer is connected to the power supply

✔️ The network cable is connected to the router

Above: network cable

✔️ The printer has been restarted
Power it off, then power it on again

✔️ Your Master iPad is connected to your Abacus network
If it is connected to the wrong network, forget that network and connect to the correct one.

✔️ The printer has been discovered on your Master

Discovered printers will be listed in your Printer List with a green tick symbol.

✔️ The printer has been selected on your Master

Selected printers will have the switch toggled on to blue.
If you have a cash drawer connected, press OPEN in the iPad’s printer settings. If it opens, it means the printer is discovered and enabled.

✔️ The right printer locations are assigned to your printer
Swipe left on a printer location and press SETTINGS, then tap to tick a printer location

✔️ The printer is Set As Default
If a docket fails to print at another printer, it will redirect to your default printer

✔️ The right printer locations are assigned to your products
Edit your Menu to assign a printer location to your product

✔️ You have the right Printer Settings for your workflow
Refer to these Settings under Printer/Receipts:

✔️ The items in question have not already been held before
IItems that have already been held will have a light grey background, and will not be automatically printed upon a subsequent holding.

✔️ There are not any other printing tasks blocking the queue
Press the printer icon, then Print Tasks (X). "X" designates the number of printing tasks that are in the queue, usually tasks that have failed.

Delete the printing tasks in the queue. If you have connected to another working printer, you can alternatively press Resume to redirect the printing tasks to that printer.

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