List View

By default, reservations are shown in List View.

  • Each Reservation Session you create is a tab.

  • Within each Reservation Session tab, the reservations are listed chronologically from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen.

Table View

Tap TABLE VIEW on the top right corner to switch to this view:

  • There are no Reservation Sessions, so if you create a reservation, it can be at any time

  • Reservations are shown chronologically from the left of the screen to the right of the screen.

  • On the left of the screen is each table number

  • At the bottom of the screen is any reservation that has not been assigned to a table

Note: Reservations made in Table View are not restricted to Reservation Sessions, i.e. you can make times at any time of the day or night. However, when your customers place a reservation online, they will always be restricted to the reservation sessions you have set up on the backend.

Switch between views

The button on the top right corner will dynamically change based on which view you are using.

  • If you are in Table View, tap LIST VIEW to switch

  • If you are in List View, tap TABLE VIEW to switch

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