OrderUp Menu Update

Manage your OrderUp menu from the Abacus backend.

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This article will show you how to add an existing product to the OrderUp menu from the Abacus backend.

To create a new product, please refer to How to edit Products on the backend.

To create a variant, please refer to the Product Variant User Guide. Variants created on the OrderUp menu on Abacus will be reflected on the OrderUp menu.

Add a Product to Your OrderUp Menu

On Abacus

  1. Go to Delivery Tab > Delivery Menus.

2. Click the pencil icon next to the Delivery menu you want to update; in this instance, it will be the OrderUp Menu.

3. Under Menu List, click on the desired category. Then, under Menu Items, click Add.

4. Search for the product you want to add and click Save.

5. Click Publish.

Once you press "publish," the menu should be updated to your OrderUp Menu.

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