An Open Item is an empty product listing that allows the server to enter a custom name and price for special orders.

Creating Open Items

An Open Item can be created in the backend ( by going to Products > Add Product and ticking Open Item under the Price section. We recommend calling the product "Open Item" for ease of reference.

It can also be created on the Master POS (iPad) by going to the menu customisation, creating a product, and ticking Open Item. We recommend calling the product "Open Item" for ease of reference.

Selling Open Items

To sell an Open Item on a POS terminal (iPad), tap the product tile that you have assigned as your open item.

The Open Item Details box will pop up, prompting you to enter the name, unit price, and quantity/weight of the Open Item. Tap on the name, quantity/weight, or price box to edit its details. If you do not enter a price or a name, the product details that you originally attributed to the Open Item product will be assigned to the product (i.e. it may be $0 and simply called "Open Item"). Press Done when you have finished customising the open item.

After editing an Open Item's details, you can observe that the name, quantity, and price in the order list have updated accordingly.

Continue taking the order as per usual. When you press Send or Pay, the name of the open item as entered in the Open Item Details Box will appear on the docket or invoice.

Viewing Open Items

The Open Item order will appear as the Description in its invoice details on the backend. (See Sales > Invoices.)

Prevent staff from using open item

  1. Go to Settings > General 


  3. Now only your staff with the manager role can order "open items"

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