There is more than one way to view sales and tax for accounting and tax-reporting purposes at the end of financial year. This guide will explain how to extract your sales information through Invoices, and through Sales Activity.

View Tax through Invoices

  1. On the backend, go to Sales > Invoices.

Here, you can view the invoices from any given period. Choose the time period by entering the From and To dates.

For the purposes of tax return, sort between the 1st of July of the previous year, and the 30th of June of the current year (the financial year).

2. The table shows. among other details, the Tax included in each invoice.

3. Click Export and select a type of file to export: PDF, CSV, or detailed CSV.

PDF File

Lists each invoice amount

CSV file

Lists each invoice amount

Note: if you see "######" under any column in a CSV file, that means that there is too much text to fit in the column; expand the column to display the text.

Detailed CSV file 

Lists each product separately for each invoice

View Tax through Sales Activity

  1. Go to Reports > Sales > Sales Activity 

  2. If looking to report for the previous financial year, go to the Range tab and filter from the 1st of July of the previous year to the 30th of June of the current year.

Scroll down to view Sales By Date with included Tax.

Totals are displayed at the bottom of the page.

2. Click Export Order Items to download a CSV file of the items ordered during that specified range.

Order Items report

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