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Socket Mobile Scanner Setup

Pair the Socket Mobile scanner with the POS.

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The Socket Mobile scanner (S700, CHS) can be used with the Abacus POS and Abacus Stock Management.

These instructions apply to the Socket Mobile CHS 7 series. Find the supplier's user guide here.

Pair the scanner

  1. Turn on the scanner. It will beep twice (a low beep followed by a high beep). Make sure the scanner is discoverable (unpaired). The blue light should be blinking quickly.

  2. Scan the below barcode:

The scanner will beep 3 times to confirm it has changed the profile to Application Mode.

If the scanner doesn't beep when scanning the barcode, print this page and scan it from the paper. This barcode will also be available in the Socket Mobile scanner manual.

3. Go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn on Bluetooth on your Master iPad (if pairing with Abacus POS) or on your iPad/iPhone (if pairing with your Stock Management app).

4. When the barcode scanner is discovered, its name will appear on the list as either Socket CHS or Socket S700[xxxxxx] (the characters in brackets are the last 6 characters of the bluetooth address).

After a few seconds, the status will change to Connected. The blue light will stop blinking and turn solid. The scanner will beep once, indicating that it is connected.

Test the scanner

To test the scanner, open the POS and scan a product. If you scan a barcode registered in Abacus, it will be added to the order.

You can automatically add new products for barcodes that have not been registered on the POS by going to Settings > System and enabling A26. CREATE NEW PRODUCT WITH SCANNED PRODUCT CODE NOT FOUND IN SYSTEM.

Unpair the scanner

  1. Press the i icon.

  2. Press Forget This Device.

  3. Press and hold the two top buttons on the scanner until you hear 3 descending tones. The scanner is now unpaired.



If the scanner is appearing in the bluetooth list on your iPad, but not connecting:

  1. Unpair the scanner (see Unpair the scanner above).

  2. Re-pair the scanner (see Pair the scanner above).

Wake up the connection

When left inactive for a prolonged period of time, the Socket Mobile scanner will go to sleep and disconnect from the POS. To reconnect the scanner:

  1. Turn off auto-lock on the iPad.

  2. Turn on the scanner.

  3. The scanner will automatically reconnect within 30 seconds. It will beep once when it is connected.

Factory reset

To factory reset the Socket Mobile scanner:

  1. Turn on the scanner.

2. Press and hold the scan button.

3. Briefly press the power button once while still holding the scan button.

4. Continue to hold down the scan button until it beeps, then release. Please note that if you release the scan button too early, the factory reset will fail.

5. The scanner will beep 5 times and then turn off.

6. Go to Settings on the iPad/iPhone and tap Bluetooth. Remove the scanner from the list of connected devices.

The blue light on the scanner will blink twice every second. This means the scanner is in pairing mode.

7. The scanner will appear in the Devices list on the iPad/iPhone. Pair the scanner with the iPad. The scanner will stop blinking and display a solid blue light, meaning it is paired.

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