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How to create suppliers and why

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Suppliers overview

View and edit your suppliers on the Suppliers page, accessed on the backend via the Stock Management module. These suppliers will be attached to purchase orders.

To view and edit the details of an existing supplier, click the Edit (pencil) button. This will take you to its Supplier Details page.

Add suppliers

Every product you purchase should have a supplier attached. Then you'll be able to e-mail Purchase Orders (via Abacus) to each of those suppliers.

Even if your supplier does not take email purchase orders, we advise that you still create a supplier in the Abacus system, as it facilitates the stocking in process.

  1. Go to Stock Management > Suppliers

  2. Click New Supplier

3. Fill in the Supplier name.

4. If the supplier accepts email orders, fill in the Email Address, too. You may add multiple email addresses to a supplier, so that when you send a purchase order, it will send to those different email addresses. To do this, enter the multiple email addresses in the Email address field, separating them only with a semicolon (no space), e.g.;

5. You can also add additional information for your own reference, such as their ABN, address, commission, and delivery days.

6. If there is a corresponding Abacus account for the supplier, add in their Linked Encrypted ID. In the supplier account, this will be found under Configuration > Company Profile.

7. Save.

Add Supplier to Products

  1. Go to your Products List > Products Details > Stock Management Tab

  2. Select a Supplier from the dropdown list and click Add Supplier

  3. (Optional) If your supplier associated that product with a specific code, you can add that under Supplier Code for your reference. This can be useful to refer to when you need to contact your supplier about a particular item. This code will not be used anywhere else in Abacus, it is only for your reference.

  4. (Optional) If your supplier usually takes a certain number of days to deliver the order, enter the Delivery Time (Days).

  5. Save.

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