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Purchase Orders

Use the ordering form and create purchase orders for your suppliers

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There are two ways you can create purchase orders:

  • Individual purchase orders: Create a purchase order for one supplier at a time

  • Ordering form: Select all the products you desire at once regardless of supplier

Skip down to the "Ordering Form" section of this article if it is the mode you wish to use.

If you're a franchise, look at this article instead.

Set up purchase orders

Creating a supplier

Purchase orders will be sent to your supplier. Suppliers can also be selected for paying in and paying out cash at the POS Register.

  1. Go to Stock Management > Suppliers

  2. Click New Supplier

3. Enter the supplier's contact details. Scroll down to see all fields.

You must include the company's email address so that a purchase order can be sent to them

4. Click Save

Add a supplier to a product

  1. Go to Products > Product Details > Stock Management

2. Select a supplier from the dropdown list, then click Add

The supplier will appear in the table. If the supplier has their own code for your product, you can enter it here as a Supplier Code.

3. (Optional) Go to the Stock Management tab, where you can set up any ordering requirements

  • Minimum Order Quantity: If your supplier requires that you order a certain minimum amount of stock every time you create a purchase order, set up a Minimum Order Quantity (Supplier)

  • Ordering Quantity: This is the usual number of a product required to be ordered from its supplier; set up an Order Quantity to auto-populate for every order with this product

Add your details

Go to Configuration > Company Profile > Contact to:

  • Add your Billing information

  • Add your Delivery Information

to the Purchase Order (when exported as a PDF).

Note: If no Billing details have been provided, it will use the Primary contact details instead (Company Profile > Contact > Primary).

Create a new purchase order

Purchase orders must be made one at a time for each supplier and each location. You should only create purchase orders for items that will all be stored in the same location.

  1. Go to Purchases > Purchase Order

2. Click New Order

3. Select the Supplier to whom you will send the purchase order
4. Select the Location for which you are ordering stock

5. Save
6. Under Purchase Order Items, click Add New Item
7. Select your product by entering either its Supplier Code, or the Product Name
8. Enter the Quantity

9. When you have input all the information for your purchase order, click Save.
The Purchase Order will be sent to the supplier directly.

Attach Documents

  1. Under Documents, click Select Files

  2. Select a file to attach the purchase order

  3. The file will be stored here and can be downloaded by clicking the download button at the right of the desired file.

Note: Any documents attached to the purchase order are for your reference only, they are not sent to the supplier.

Ordering Form

Instead of creating purchase orders per supplier, you can use the ordering form to select all the products you desire at once regardless of supplier. However, for stocking purposes, be sure to only select items that will all be stored in the same Location.

  1. Go to Purchases > Ordering Form

The ordering form contains all products you would want to order (both whole items and ingredients).

2. Input the quantity for each product you wish to order.

Note: If you ever need to start over, you can set all quantities back to zero by clicking Reset.

3. Click Submit and Confirm.

4. When you submit the order:

  • One purchase order per supplier will be automatically generated according to the supplier attached to each product you ordered (internal suppliers).

  • If any products you ordered do not have suppliers in the Abacus system (external suppliers), then there will be a single purchase order containing all such products with no supplier displayed.

All purchase orders can be viewed in the Purchase Orders page.

Send/Export as PDF

  1. Click More

  2. Export PDF to download a PDF of the purchase order to your computer, orSend PDF as Email to skip downloading and send the PDF straight to the selected supplier (according to their email address on the Supplier page)

3. Suppliers will receive an email with a PDF of the purchase order and a link where they can approve of the purchase order

4. When they follow the link in the e-mail, the seen (eye) icon will appear in Purchase Orders.

5. When they approve the order online, the approved (tick) icon will appear in Purchase orders.

Edit purchase order details

  1. Click the Edit button to view a purchase order's details

  2. Make any changes necessary

  3. Save

  4. Re-export or re-send the invoice as necessary

Note: You cannot change the Location or Supplier after a purchase order has been created

Stock in purchase order

  1. Click the + button

2. Review the purchase order. Change the quantity if required (eg. if the wrong quantity of stock was delivered)
3. Click Stock In
4. The ordered items will be stocked into the selected Location

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