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Price trigger - buy one, get one half price
Price trigger - buy one, get one half price

Use categories or tags to create your promotion

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There are several ways you can create a meal deal, combo, or promotion.

This article will show you how to create "buy one, get one half price" deals, by creating a price trigger for the products that are on offer. When your customer orders two of these items, they will "trigger" a 50% discount on the cheaper item.

This feature is not just limited to "half price" deals; you can specify any percentage discount (10%, etc.), even a 100% discount for "buy one get one free" deals.

Decide what your price trigger will be based on

You need to decide what your price trigger will be based on:

  • Categories are good for a quick setup where you want the deal to apply to all your products you have already organised under that category

  • Tags are good for increased precision, where you tag the exact products that are part of the deal, although they may be from different categories

This is how you will teach your trigger that the offer only applies to items of a certain category/tag.

To put products under a certain category:

  1. Go to Products > Category

  2. Click Add New Category

  3. Enter the Category name

  4. Click Save

5. Go to Products > Products
6. Select the category for all products that you wish to be part of the deal

To put products under a certain tag:

  1. Go to Products > Product Tags

  2. Click Add New Item

  3. Enter the name of your Product Tag

  4. Enter a description for your own reference

5. Go to the Product Details of the product you want to add a tag to

6. Scroll down to Product Tags and select the tag you created above

With your tags and categories in order, you're ready to start setting up your Price Trigger!

Create a "Buy one, get one half price" Price Trigger

  1. Go to Sales > Price Triggers

2. Click New Price Trigger
3. Enter the name of your price trigger, eg. buy one, get one half price
4. Click the pencil button to go to the Price Trigger Details

5. Set the Run Type to Run Multiple

6. Click Add New Record under either Categories or Tags, depending on which one you have chosen to use.

7. If you are using categories: select the category of the product that you would like to be part of the deal.

If you are using tags: select the tag of the product that you would like to be part of the deal.

4. Change the quantity to 2.

This means that when 2 products of your specified tag/category are selected, a price change will be triggered. That change will depend on the outcome you define below.

9. Under Outcome, select Discount Percent and set the percentage to 50%

Note: If you were doing a "buy one, get one free" deal, this is where you would make the discount 100%.

10. On the right side of the window:

  • If using categories: select From Categories

  • If using tags: select From Tags

Note: It is important to select From Categories/Tags because this means that the discount will apply to a product from your order so far. If you select just "Categories" or just "Tags", the discount would apply to an additional category or tag, separate to the ones defined in your price trigger conditions above. e.g. Buy 2 coffees, get a muffin at half price.

11. Next to Outcome Category, input 1. This means that only one of the products from will benefit from the 50% discount. The discount will always apply to the least expensive product, unless you tick "Most Expensive First".

12. Save.

13. Finally, perform a Master Sync on Abacus POS.

Now when you order two products with the defined category/tag, the 50% discount will apply to the cheaper option!

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