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Meal deals, combos, and promotions
Meal deals, combos, and promotions

An introduction to multipricing, price triggers, coupons, and product variant combos

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There are several methods you can use to create a meal deal, combo, or promotion.




Change a price manually on the POS.

"Discount" visible on receipts/reports.

Any percentage decrease within the price change range

Set a price for a combo, regardless of the original products' prices.

Combo shown as a distinct product of its own on receipts/reports, with parts of combo shown as product variants.

  • $6 for a coffee and a muffin combo

  • $15 meal deal for a burger, fries, and a drink

Price triggers

Trigger a discount based on:

  • Product tags/categories

  • Customer tags

  • Days/periods

and other parameters.

"Discount" visible on receipts/reports.

  • $3 off when you buy any coffee and muffin!

  • $5 drinks during "Happy Hour"

  • Discounted range - buy 3, get the 4th free


Manage alternative prices based on:

  • Locations

  • Customer Tags

  • Days/periods

  • Eat-in/takeaway

and other parameters.

No "discount" visible on receipts/reports.

  • $3 coffees on Wednesdays

  • $8 drinks at the bar only

  • $2 surcharge for eating in

Grant a discount by:

  • Scanning a coupon QR code on the POS

  • Pressing a coupon button on the POS

  • Entering a code in online orders

Limit the number of times that coupons can be redeemed.

"Discount" visible on receipts/reports.

  • $2 off ice cream for the first 50 customers when you scan your QR code at the counter

  • Half-price croissants when you enter the code "CROISSANT" upon checkout

Note: Price Triggers are still in beta mode and should only be used with the recommendation of the Abacus Team for your specific pricing needs.

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