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How do I make a combo using Product Variants?
How do I make a combo using Product Variants?

This includes printing each part of the combo on a separate docket

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There are several methods you can use to create a meal deal, combo, or promotion.

This article will show you how to create a combo using product variants.

Quick Summary

The key to having a combo with product variants is having:

  • A product variant group to group together the combo options

  • A product for each option of the combo

  • Each product is linked to the variant values of the combo product variant group

For more detail, read the full instructions below.

POS Examples

When you create a combo product with product variants attached, you would first select the product on the POS screen.

You can then select each Product Variant Value (or part of the combo).

In this example, the Muffin and Coffee Combo (Product) has:

  • Combo - Muffin Selection (Product Variant Group): Blueberry Muffin (Variant Value), Chocolate Chip Muffin (Variant Value)

  • Combo - Coffee Selection (Product Variant Group): Latte (Variant Value), Flat White (Variant Value), Cappuccino (Variant Value)

If one of your Product Variant Values had a product variant of its own, that would then pop up an extra window where you can select the extra options.

In this example, the Cappuccino has Coffee Syrups (Product Variant Group) including Hazelnut, Choc, Caramel, French Vanilla, and English Toffee Shots (Variant Values).

Here is another way that a Product Variant Combo might be organised:

Instead of the Combo being the Product, the Burger itself is the Product, with a Product Variant Group attached.

You can then choose whether you want a Combo (Product Variant Group): your options are to have the Burger Only (Product Variant Value) or a Combo with a Soft Drink (Product Variant Value)

The Combo (Product Variant Value) then has:

  • Burger Combo - Sides (Product Variant Group): Chips (Variant Value) or Potato Wedges (Variant Value)

  • Burger Combo - Soft Drink (Product Variant Group): Coke (Variant Value) or Fanta (Variant Value)


These instructions will explain how to create a Product Variant Combo where the Product is a two-part combo ("Burger and Fries combo").

1. Create products for combo parts (e.g. "hamburger", "cheeseburger", "fries")
Create each part of the combo as its own standalone product, the way you would want it to be if it were ordered on its own. This includes:

  • Setting the printing location

  • Setting any product variants it should have itself, e.g. if you are making a fries and burger combo, you might want the burger product to have its own product variants such as "no egg, extra bacon", and so on.

2. Create combo product (e.g. "Burger and fries combo")
Set this to be the actual combo price. This will override the individual products' prices. Don't set a printer location just yet.

3. Create product variant for combo part 1 (e.g. "Burger selection")
Create a product variant "value" for each different option for the first part of the combo, e.g. You might have a cheeseburger, hamburger, and double beef burger. Select the original standalone products (from step 1) in the same row as the "variant value". This means your combo dockets will print out according to those original products' printer locations. This is why it is important to not have a printer location for the combo itself, or you may end up double-printing orders.

e.g. If you have dockets for burgers printing at a Burger station, and dockets for fries printing at a Fries station, the dockets will continue to print to these locations even though they're part of a different product (the combo product).

Note: If you want the combo selections to contribute to the usage report and stocking quantity, then fill in the "Usage" column. If product X is linked to variant value Y, then the usage number should be the number of product X used for each variant value Y used.

4. Under the Products section of your Product Variant Group, attach the "combo" product. (Search then click Add Product)

5. Create product variant for combo part 2 (e.g. "Fries selection")
Repeat steps 3 and 4 for your other parts of the combo. You should end up with two (or more) Product Variant Groups for each part of your combo.

6. (Optional) Confirm combo setup
Go to the Product Details of your combo ("Product Variants" tab) to verify that the 2 (or more) Product Variants are attached.

7. Sync all products on the POS.

Make sure you have also added the combo to your menu and synced your menu.

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