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Price trigger - meal deal (categories)
Price trigger - meal deal (categories)
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You can create a meal deal by creating a price trigger based on category.

Please note that this method takes less time to set up than a price trigger based on tags, but it offers less precision as to which products can make up the meal deal.

Meal Deal (based on category)

Create a price trigger based on categories, so when your customers order products from specific categories, they get a discount.

eg. "Save $5 on your total order when you buy any coffee, sandwich, and cupcake!"

1. Go to Sales > Price Triggers

2. Click New Price Trigger

3. Enter the name of your price trigger, eg. meal deal

4. Click the pencil button to go to the Price Trigger Details

5. Set the Run Type to Run Multiple

6. Under Categories, click Add New Record

7. Select the category of the product that you would like to be part of the meal deal

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for all the categories that you would like to be part of the meal deal.

Note: The quantity will be 1 by default. Change this if you wish the meal deal to include more than one product of the same category, eg. Family meal - buy any 4 burgers and 2 sides for $5 off your total order.

9. Under Outcome, select Discount Value and enter the value that you wish to be discounted in this meal deal.

eg. a "discount value" of $5.

Note: You can also make this a percentage discount.

10. Save.

11. Perform a master sync on Abacus POS.

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