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How to create a meal deal using price triggers and tags
How to create a meal deal using price triggers and tags
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There are several ways you can create a meal deal, combo, or promotion.

This article will show you how to create a meal deal with a price trigger based on tags. This means that if your customer orders products that have the same tag, they will get a discount.

Please note that this method takes more time to set up than a price trigger based on categories, but it offers more precision as to which products can make up the meal deal. Instead of relying on categories you have already defined, you are specifying the exact products that are part of the deal.

Meal Deal (based on tags)

Create a price trigger based on tags, so when your customers order products with specific tags, they get a discount.

eg. "Save $10 on your total order when you buy a burger, drink, and fries!* Selected products only."

1. Go to Products > Product Tags

2. Click Add New Group.
Call this "Meal deal" or "combo". The "Tag Group" is for your reference only, and will help you know which products are supposed to belong to each combo.

3. Click Add New Item. This will create a Product Tag.

Let's say your combo is for pizzas, drinks, and garlic bread. You'll need to create a Product Tag specifically for "pizzas", "drinks", and "garlic bread".
​Note: If these products are already divided into similar categories, you should create a meal deal using categories instead.

4. Add a description for your reference, and add it to a Tag Group.

5. Repeat for all of your Product Tags. Each "part" of the combo should have its own tag.

6. Now that you have created tags, you need to attach them to your products.
Go to your Products page and click the pencil button next to a product that you want to attach a tag to.

7. Scroll down to Product Tags and enter the name of the tag you created; it should pop up as an option that you can select.

8. Save

9. Repeat steps 6-8 for all the products that you want to add your tags to.

Make sure that each tag corresponds to the product it belongs to, eg. the pizzas have the pizza tag, the cola has the cola tag, the garlic bread has the garlic bread tag.

10. Go to Sales > Price Triggers

11. Click New Price Trigger

12. Enter the name of the price trigger. This will appear on your POS when it applies to the order

13. Click the pencil button to go to the Price Trigger Details

Note: If you have more than one Price Trigger, you can rearrange them on this page based on their "Priority". e.g. If you have a "$5 pizzas on Friday" promotion running alongside your usual "Pizza combo", you can decide which pricing will take precedence by making it the higher "priority".

14. Set the Run Type as Run Multiple

15. Under Tags, click Add New Record.

16. Select the first tag for the price trigger.

17. Repeat steps 15 and 16 for the other price tags you have created for the combo

18. Under Outcome, select how you want the price trigger to behave.

eg. a "discount value" of $10

19. Save.

20. Perform a Master Sync on Abacus POS.

Now, when you order the three tagged products, you will "trigger" a discount for your meal deal!

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