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Multipricing Rules

Create price lists, price rules, or happy hour

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Multipricing rules allow you to have multiple prices for a single product. This is useful in the following cases:

  • $10 drinks on Thursday nights (usually $16)

  • Buy 2 pizzas, get 1 free

  • 10% off for members

  • 5% extra when customers dine in

  • $8 drinks at restaurant, $10 drinks at lounge (based on POS Location)

In any of these cases, you will need to follow two steps:

  1. Create a multipricing rule

  2. Link products to the rule

Not what you're looking for?

  • If you want to create a combo deal, (eg. buy one coffee and one muffin for $5), see instead How Can I Configure a Combo Deal?

  • If you want to create a surcharge (for cards or for holidays), see instead Surcharge

  • If you want to make pricing depend on order source, follow this article instead.

General Multipricing

Create a Multipricing Rule

  1. Go to Multipricing Rules

  2. Click New Price Rule. Enter a name.

  3. Click the Edit button

  4. Set up your Conditions depending on the rule you want to create. Make sure you've completed any prerequisite settings, e.g. for customer membership

5. Under Outcome, select one of the following:
A) Discount Value - eg. $5 off
B) Discount Percent - eg. 10% off
C) Increase Value - eg. $5 more
D) Increase Percent - eg. 10% off
E) Fixed Value - eg. $15 extra

5. Under Periods, set the days/times that you wish the multipricing rule to be active
6. Set any extra parameters (see end of article)
7. Save.

Note: Every time you change or update a multipricing rule, you will need to re-apply it to your products.

Go to Products > Products.

  1. Tick the checkbox next to each product you want to apply the rule to

  2. Click Settings.

3. Go to Multipricing
4. Select your Multipricing rule
5. Click Apply

6. To verify that the rule has been applied: click the Edit button of an individual product.

7. Go to the Advanced tab.

Under Multiple Pricing, the rule and its corresponding price will display.

8. Perform a Master Sync on your POS.

Update a Multipricing Rule

If you want to change a multipricing rule, you will need to:

  • Update it within the Multipricing Rule Details

  • Re-apply the Multipricing Rule to your products

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