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Credit Accounts
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What's a credit account?

When completing a sale, you have the option of paying by store credit account. This means that the amount is stored as an owing payment in the customer's name.

All credit accounts need to be set up in the backend.

Manage credit accounts

Go to Sales > Credit Account to manage customer credit accounts for your store.

You can filter the credit account list by Name, Customer, and Balance range. To reset the filters, click Reset.

If an account is Active, it will show on the POS.

Create a new credit account

  1. Click New Credit Account.

  2. Enter the Name of the credit account, and their Password. Each credit account must have a password that the credit account holder will know, so when they claim to put a sale on that credit account, your staff can verify their access to the account.

  3. (OPTIONAL) If your credit account holder is an existing customer, you can link the customer record to the credit account (you will need to have created the customer already in the Customers page).

  4. (OPTIONAL) You can create a Maximum Credit Allowance (overall limit) and a Maximum Transaction Allowance (limit per transaction) to restrict the credit account. The Note section is for your personal reference; it does not appear on the POS.

  5. Click Save.

Any purchases made with this credit account will show in the Transactions section. Under the Invoice column, you can click on an invoice number to go to the corresponding invoice.

Any credit accounts which are not active will not appear on the POS.

Paying with a credit account on the POS

When a customer wants to pay for their order using their credit account:

  1. Add the desired products to your order and tap PAY.


3. Tap the customer's credit account.

4. A password will appear. Ask the customer for their credit account password (set on the backend). If it's correct, tap YES.

5. The sale will be accepted. Tap COMPLETE SALE.

Top up a credit account

When your customer wants to pay for/top up their credit account:

  1. Go to Top up account.

2. Select your customer's credit account. A negative balance shows how much they owe; a positive balance shows how much they have left to use.

3. Enter Top Up Amount using the keypad.

4. Select a payment method.

5. The balance will update accordingly.


View invoices

Invoices that are paid by a credit account with a negative balance will be shown as Unpaid until that credit account is topped up.

Note that split payments where a credit account was a form of payment will also be marked as being unpaid.

  1. Go to Sales > Invoices.

  2. Change the Display to Show All or Unpaid.

  3. You will be able to tell which invoices were paid on a credit account by consulting the Payment column.

View credit account transactions

Go to Sales > Credit Account Transactions to see the full list of transactions of any credit account.

Click an invoice number to view the invoice details.

Bulk mark invoices as paid

You can mark multiple credit account invoices as paid. To do so:

  1. Go to Sales > Credit Account.

  2. Click the pencil icon on the customer’s account.

  3. Tick the checkboxes on the invoices you want to mark as paid. This will trigger the Mark as Paid button to appear.

  4. Click Mark as Paid to mark all selected invoices as paid.

Send tax invoices to all credit account customers

To send an email to all your credit accounts:

  1. Make sure each credit account is linked to a customer with an email address.

  2. Go to Sales > Credit Account.

  3. Click Create Tax Invoice Statements.

4. Click OK.

A tax invoice will be generated and sent to all the customers with credit accounts.

Add a note to tax invoices

  1. Go to Sales > Credit Account.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Enter an invoice note. This must only be a single line.

  4. Click Save.

The note will appear in your tax invoices like so:

Export a tax invoice/receipt for a customer

  1. Go to Sales > Credit Account.

  2. Click the pencil icon next to the customer you want to export a credit account for.

  3. Scroll down to the Transactions section and click either Create Tax Invoice Statements or Create Receipt Statements to download a pdf that you can then e-mail to your customer.

In the statement:

  • Credit account usage is denoted with minus (-$) amounts.

  • Credit top ups are denoted with plus (+$) amounts.

Export credit account transactions

To export the sales report CSV file for all credit account transactions:

  1. Go to Credit Account Transactions.

  2. Set the filters that you want to show on the report.

  3. Click Export.

See the total balance of a credit account

On the POS

To see the total balance due for a credit account on the POS, go to Top up account.

On the backend

To see the total balance due for a credit account on the backend, go to Sales > Credit Account.

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