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Upsell Categories

Add an upsell prompt to all items in a category.

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Encourage customers to add more products to their cart through upselling. An upselling prompt will suggest other products for the customer to order when they view an item from a certain category.

In the example below, the upselling prompt will suggest customers order a drink when they view an item in the burger category.

Other examples of upselling include:

  • Sides that go well with that dish.

  • A dessert.

  • Similar items the customer might enjoy.

  • Extra toppings or sauce.

Create an upsell prompt

To create an upsell prompt for a category:

  1. Go to Menus > Online Ordering Menus and edit the chosen menu.

2. Edit the category.

3. Enter a heading for the upselling prompt in the Name field.

Note: If this field is left empty, by default, the heading will be 'You may also like to add'.

4. Under Search product, select a product from the drop down list and click Add Product.

The product will be listed.

5. (Optional) Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add more products to the upsell prompt.

6. Click Save.

7. The upsell prompt will appear on all products in the category.

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