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Edit the Menu on the POS

Add products and edit existing products on the POS

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The menu can be edited from the Master POS.

Internet connection is required.

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Edit the menu name

To edit the name of a menu:

  1. Tap the pencil icon on the desired menu.

2. Tap on the Menu Name to edit it.

Online Ordering menus will have the additional options of:

  • Default Menu

  • Select Order Type

3. Tap Save.

Edit products and categories

To edit products and/or categories:

  1. Tap the cog icon on the desired menu.

2. Make the required changes by:

  • Tapping a product to edit it.

  • Tapping an empty tile to add a new product.

  • Tapping a category to change its name or colour.

  • Tapping the + icon at the bottom of the list of categories to add a new category.

  • Holding and drag the categories and/or products to rearrange the order.

3. If you are updating products, tap UPDATE. Then, tap SAVE MENU.

Product details

A product's properties will correspond to the details on the backend.

Note: any changes will replace the actual product information, eg. renaming 'latte' to 'hot chocolate' will actually change the name of 'latte' to 'hot chocolate' for all past reports. If you want to change a tile from an old product to a new one, delete the product first, then add a new one.

Product: The product name as will appear on the POS.

Product Code: The unique code assigned to that product.

Price (including GST): The price of the product, including GST (Goods and Services Tax).

Taxable: Indicates whether the product is taxable or not.

Print Locations: Indicates which printer locations this item will be sent to when it is ordered (eg. a drink order will go to the bar's printer location).

Product Categories: The categories to which your item belongs.

Alternative Label: The alternative name of the product that will be printed (eg. abbreviating to ‘BLT’ or printing in another language).

Icon Background: The background colour or the product or category.

Add Image: If you want an image displayed, you may add an image from the photo gallery or from the camera.

Weight Required: Indicates if the product requires weighing (if you have scales connected to the POS).

Open Item: A product that requires manual price input. This should not be ticked except for very specific circumstances, such as if you wish to process deposits for your customers.

Auto Access Variants: When taking an order, tapping a product with variants will automatically prompt the user to choose the variants as well (eg. tapping 'Eggs on toast' will prompt the user to choose 'Poached', 'Scrambled', etc.). In most cases, this should be ticked.

Stock Item: Indicates whether the product is a stock item.

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