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How to create a Table Ordering Menu

How to add products to a menu for the Table Ordering app (2nd generation)

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Create a Table Ordering Menu

  1. On the backend, go to iPad Menu > Table Ordering Menu

  2. Click Add New Ordering Menu

  3. Enter the menu name

  4. Click the Edit button to go into the Table Ordering Menu creation page

  5. Click New Tab and give it a name.

    A Tab is a button at the left of the Table Ordering Menu that separates different parts of your menu.

6. Repeat step 5 for each part of your menu.

Note that you will have the option to make certain tabs only appear when you have scanned a QR code. Create as many tabs as you will need to have all expected versions of your menu.

When you have created all your menu tabs, you will be able to fill them in with products.

7. Click an empty tile to add a product. Do not select “Group” as Groups are not supported in Table Ordering 2.

8. Under Search product to add, enter the name of the product you want under that tab. Only existing products (from your Products list) can be selected.

9. Leave the fields which say “Icon Background”, “Text Colour”, and “Alternative Label”, as these will not affect Table Ordering 2.

10. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for all your products in each tab. Keep in mind that the layout of the Table Ordering Menu will differ from the layout on the backend.

The actual layout will depend on the orientation of your iPad:

  • When in landscape mode, the Table Ordering Menu displays 3 products across and 2 products down

  • When in portrait mode, the Table Ordering Menu displays 2 products across and 2 products down

11. Click Publish. Note that although you can create multiple Table Ordering Menus on the backend, only the last published menu (1 only) will display on the Table Ordering App. The menu that was last published will have a ticked checkbox in the table in the “Published” column (under iPad Menu > Table Ordering Menu).

12. On the Master POS, do a Master Sync. When prompted, Notify All Clients.

Add Product Descriptions (Optional)

Under the name of each product, you will see a description if you have set one on the backend. It will display either:

  • The Short Description (Product Details > General > Short Description)

  • The Full Description (Product Details > eCommerce tab > Full Description)

We recommend that you fill in only the Short Description, as that will also fill out the description for online ordering and self-ordering kiosks.

You should only use the Full Description if you want to have a different description to your online ordering platform and self-ordering kiosk. If you have both Short and Full descriptions filled in, the Table Ordering app will only show the Full Description.

The same logic applies for multilingual descriptions (Product Details > Advanced tab > Multilingual).

Edit tabs

  1. On the backend, go to iPad Menu > Table Ordering Menu

  • Rearrange tabs by click-and-dragging the tabs into the order that you want them

  • Rename a tab by clicking Tab Configuration at the top of the page and then editing the name

  • Remove a tab by clicking Tab Configuration at the top of the page and then clicking X

In the Tab Configuration popup, you can ignore the "Is Wizard" setting, the magnifying glass icon, and the upload icon, as these do not apply to Table Ordering (2nd generation).

Add menu images

By default, any products that have a Product Image (set in the Product Details) will have that image appear on the Table Ordering menu.

To change menu images, you need to change the Product Image.

Although you can upload alternative images on the Table Ordering Menu backend, these images will not be read in the Table Ordering 2 app, they are for Table Ordering 1.

Duplicate Table Ordering Menu

To copy over an existing Table Ordering Menu

  1. Go to iPad Menu > Table Ordering Menu

  2. Click the Duplicate icon on the very right of a Table Ordering Menu name

  3. The menu will be copied into a new menu.

Delete a Table Ordering Menu

When you delete a Table Ordering Menu, it cannot be recovered.

Before deleting any Table Ordering Menu, consider the option of creating a new Table Ordering Menu and publishing that one instead. Only one menu will be shown at a time on the Table Ordering App (the published one), so you would be effectively hiding the other Table Ordering Menu without deleting it.

If you still want to permanently delete a Table Ordering Menu instead:

  1. Go to iPad Menu > Table Ordering Menu

  2. Click the X button next to the Table Ordering Menu

  3. Confirm that you want to delete the menu by clicking OK

Settings which are not supported:

Do not use these settings on the backend Table Ordering Menu, as they are not designed for use for Table Ordering 2:

  • Groups

  • Icon Background

  • Text Colour

  • Alternative Label

  • Is Wizard

  • Images for menu tabs

These will only work in Table Ordering 1.

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