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Getting Started with your Table Ordering Menu (1st generation)
Getting Started with your Table Ordering Menu (1st generation)

Create a menu for the table ordering app

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Create a Table Ordering Menu

If you're using the Table Ordering app, you'll need to update your menu via the Table Ordering Menu backend.

  1. Go to POS Menu > Table Ordering Menu. This is a list of all of your Table Ordering Menus that are available, but only one can be active/published at a time

  2. Click Add New Ordering Menu

  3. Enter the Name of your new menu

4. Click the pencil button next to the menu to edit it.

5. Click New Tab

A tab is the button at the top of the Table Ordering Menu that separates different pages of your menu.

6. Input a tab name and click OK

7. Click the tile to add a product.

8. Search the product from your products list
9. (OPTIONAL) Add an Alternative Label to replace the product name in the app

10. (OPTIONAL) Customise the look of the product button.

You can:

  • Add an Icon Background

  • Use an Image

  • Change the Text Colour

Uploading an image here only changes the image in one place in the Table Ordering app. See the Uploading images section at the end of this article for more information
11. Click Add

The product will appear in the Table Ordering Menu Design.

12. (OPTIONAL) If you want to create a group (which is like a folder for your products), make sure you click Group when adding a product, and enter the Group Label name.

You'll then be able to add products inside your group, by clicking on your group and repeating the above steps. Make sure that you're already in a group if you want to add a product to a group.
13. Repeat steps 7-11 for all of your products.
Make sure that you create each product is within its desired tab, because you won't be able to move them between tabs.

14. Click Tab Configuration to rename and reorder your tabs. The "Is Wizard" button, magnifying glass, and upload button, are only only applicable if you're using the app as a Self-Ordering Kiosk.

Click Save.

15. When you're done, click Publish.

Sync menu on your Table Ordering app

  1. Log into your Table Ordering app. Press the top right corner of the screen to access your Settings

2. Under Products and Menu, press Refresh

3. Press the top right corner again to return back to your menu, which will be updated!

Show/Hide Menu tabs

You can show/hide certain tabs depending on the time of day. For example, you can have a "Sunday brunch" tab that only appears on Sundays from 9am-12pm.

  1. Go to to the backend, iPad Menu > Table Ordering Menu

  2. Click Tab Time Settings

3. Under Menu Display Times, click Add Time
4. Select a tab
5. Select the day, start time, and end time that you want the tab to appear

6. Click Close
7. Click Publish again
8. On the Table Ordering app, refresh your menu again.

Upload images

If you follow the above method for uploading images, you'll only be changing the image for the button on the Table Ordering menu. This will not change the product image, which is what you see when you go into the individual product's page (e.g. to select extras).

.png or .jpg images should be uploaded. Recommended dimensions: W 473px x H 326px

You can also upload images in bulk:

  1. Rename your images so they match the Alternative Label exactly. For example, if your product's Alternative Label is "Hot dog", your image must be named exactly "Hot dog.png" (with the file extension at the end).

  2. Zip your images

  3. On the Table Ordering Menu page, click the blue Upload Images button at the top of the page

  4. The menu images will be updated for your Table Ordering Menu

Note that this will only change the image in the Table Ordering app, not in the Product Details.

Product image

If you want to upload an image that will appear in the individual product's page, you will need to upload a Product Photo.

  1. Go to Products > Product Details

  2. Under Product Photo, click Select Files... and upload your image

  3. Save

  4. Refresh your menu on the Table Ordering app.

.png or .jpg images should be uploaded. Recommended dimensions: W 473px x H 326px
If you only upload Product image, the Table Ordering app will automatically display that as the menu button as well.

Upsell prompts

If you want to encourage the customer to select a specific product variant:

  1. Go into the Product Variant on the backend

  2. Tick Prompt Selection (Self-Ordering)

When customers next order that product, the product variant will pop up on its own to encourage customers to select it.

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