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Customising your Table Ordering App (1st generation)
Customising your Table Ordering App (1st generation)

Customise and configure your table ordering app!

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These directions refer to a discontinued version of Abacus Table Ordering.

Customise the Look and Feel

Go to POS Settings > Table Ordering Settings to view the server settings for the Abacus Table Ordering app.

If you make any changes:

  1. Save the settings on the backend

  2. Sync the settings in the Table Ordering iPad


The Header colour appears on the banner at the top of the screen.


The Standard colour appears on:

  • The banner underneath the header

  • The "Your Order" button

  • The background of the table selection page


The Selection colour appears on the menu tab that is currently selected.


The configurable text colour corresponds to:

  • The menu text

  • The table selection page text (but not the colour of the table numbers)

Main Page Button Background

The page button background corresponds to the Start button when you are using the app as a self-ordering Kiosk, i.e. if you have enabled Self-ordering Mode and Ordering Wizard.


This appears:

  • At the top of the Table Ordering menu

  • On the table selection page

Main Page Background

The image appears on the background of the:

  • Kiosk screen

  • Table input screen (when "Allow Table Input" is enabled)

Modify Button Image

This appears in Kiosk mode when a selected product has variants attached to it.


After a period of inactivity, a slideshow of advertisements (pictures) will launch on your Table Ordering app.

Upload advertisements

Click Select Files, upload a picture, then repeat.

.png or .jpg images should be uploaded. Recommended dimensions: W 2732px x H 2048px (12.9-inch iPad Pro) or W 2388px x H 1668px (11-inch iPad Pro)

Change advertisement timing

By default, the slideshow will begin after 30 seconds and the image will change ever 10 seconds. You can change this under Image Information Display > "Start After (sec)" & "Slide Transition Interval (sec)".

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