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Modifying the skin for the Self-Ordering Kiosk
Modifying the skin for the Self-Ordering Kiosk

The assets you will need for customising your self-ordering kiosk

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In this article:

  • Getting started

  • How to set up a home page

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Getting Started

  1. When you sign up for a Self-Ordering Kiosk, your designated CSE will collect a variety of images from you so we can brand your kiosk to suit your business.

  2. Our design team will put together this "skin" based on what look you are going for (e.g. strong patterns, light colours, bold contrasts).

There are many different possible "skins".

We ask you to provide (PNG/SVG/Vector):

  • Your colour palette: a "primary background" which will be used for headings, and a "secondary background" that will be used for most buttons.

  • A sidebar image or colour: your choice of a patterned image or flat colour to be used for the left sidebar where the categories are located

  • A menu background image or colour: your choice of a patterned image or flat colour to be used behind the products on the menu page

  • 2-3 logos: 1 light and 1 dark with transparent backgrounds, ratio of 1:1, minimum 200px by 200px, maximum 500px by 500px

  • A "welcome"/"introductory" image that will be displayed when the kiosk is not in use, W 1080px by H 1920px. We will add the "touch to start" button, so the bottom section will be covered and the user will only see the top W 1080 by H 1648px.

  • An "no image" product image (optional) that you wish to appear for products that do not have a product image (though we highly recommend you have an image for each product!)

If you later wish to update any part of this "skin", you will need to get in contact with the Abacus support team.

How to set up a home page

Typically, the Self-Ordering Kiosk will show the first category of products that you have on your menu.

You can make it show a "home page" instead, which shows your own custom "banners" as well as the products that are flagged as "Popular" on your POS.

  1. Create three images for your banner, each W 745 x H 257 and in PNG form

  2. Send these to your CSE or the support team to assist with uploading them to your kiosk account

  3. On the backend, go to Online Ordering > Menu and Save your menu

  4. On the kiosk, go to Settings > Connection and click Sync Now

  5. On the kiosk, go to the System tab and toggle on Enable Home Screen then click Submit

  6. Click Close to return to the menu. You should now see your banners at the top of the page, and a new category button on the left that says "Home".

  7. On your POS, long-press any product then select Popular to make it appear under the "Popular" section.

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