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How to customise your Table Ordering theme

How to change the colours and ads in your Table Ordering App (2nd generation)

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To set up the Table Ordering Menu theme:

  1. Go to POS Settings > Table Ordering Settings

  2. Under Logo & Theme, upload the assets required (explained below) and select the desired theme colours. Note that not all the assets are relevant to Table Ordering 2, so you will not need to fill in everything.

  3. Click Save

  4. On your Master POS, perform a Master Sync

  5. When prompted, select Notify Clients

You will need to do a Master Sync and Notify Clients every time you change anything in the theme.


Go to POS Settings > Table Ordering Settings and upload your logo there.


  • The logo name must have no spaces, e.g. instead of “My logo.png”, have “My-logo.png”

  • Dimensions: W 309 px by H 72 px

  • .png or .jpg

  • Maximum size 500KB

Screen colours

Note that the text colour on the left of the screen and at the bottom of the screen will be auto-selected. The Table Ordering app will automatically select either black or white for the text on the left and on the bottom, depending on what the background colour is.

Irrelevant assets (Table Ordering 1)

You should leave all of these assets, as they are related to the older (discontinued) version of Table Ordering:

  • Main Page Button Background

  • Main Page Background

  • Modify Button Image

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