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How to enable assistance requests on the Table Ordering app
How to enable assistance requests on the Table Ordering app

Allow customers to request assistance via the Table Ordering App (2nd generation)

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Customers can press a button on the Table Ordering App to request attention from wait staff.

When customers Request Assistance, a red Assistance Required (speech bubble) icon will appear on the POS Table Map at their table.

At the bottom of the Table Map, on each page tab, there will be a count of how many tables are waiting for assistance on that map page.

To set this up:

  1. On the backend, go to POS Settings > Table Ordering Settings

  2. Under Configuration, tick Display Assistance Button

  3. Click Save

  4. On the Master POS, do a Master Sync and select Notify Clients when prompted

You can also set this up locally on the iPad (Show Request Assistance), but the settings will always be overridden by the backend when you do a Master Sync. You should always use the backend for your settings.

To use:

  1. While browsing the menu, the customer taps Request Assistance on the top left corner of the screen

  2. The Assistance Requested icon (speech bubble) appears on the Table Map on the POS

  3. Your staff goes to assist the customer

  4. Your staff taps Cancel Assistance on the Table Ordering app

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