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How to view Stripe payouts

Receiving payouts for online orders and POS orders paid via Stripe

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  1. Click Online Ordering on the POS menu.

  2. Click the Stripe Settlement tab.

  3. Click on the calendar icon. A calendar will drop down.

  4. Select the date that's Stripe payouts you would like to view. The date you have selected will appear in a blue circle.

  5. Click the Search button if you would like to view the payouts in the browser, or alternatively click the Export button to export the payouts in an Excel spreadsheet.

โ€‹NOTE: The Abacus Online Ordering > Payment Settlement page will not be used to view Stripe payouts, it is currently designed only to work with Assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will customers see on their bank statements?

The Company Name that you have in your Abacus Company Profile will be used for the customer's bank statement descriptor regardless of the statement descriptor that you provide to Stripe.

How often will I receive payouts?

You will receive a payout on the following day that a batch of online orders are processed by your store. Multiple orders will be batched into a single payout for the day.

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