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How do I sync Unsynced Orders?
How do I sync Unsynced Orders?

How to identify whether there are unsynced orders, and how to sync them

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When there are unsynced orders, you will see this Unsynced Orders icon in the top left corner of either your Master or Slave POS.

In the red circle is the number of orders which are not synced.

If you see this alert on...

A Slave

The Master

This means that...

The Slave has orders which are not sent to the Master—reporting discrepancies will occur

The Master has orders which are not yet synced to the backend

So you should...

Sync when possible

Tap the Unsynced Orders button to bring up a list that summarises how many orders are not synced for each date. When you have restored your network or internet connection press Sync.

You will also encounter this popup if you try to close the POS register with unsynced orders.

The icon will disappear when orders are synced again.

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