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Staff Operating Guide

The quick guide for staff to use the Abacus front end

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Open POS Register

When you log in, enter your float and tap OPEN.

Navigating the App

Use the buttons across the top blue banner and down the dropdown menu to navigate throughout the app.

Open Cash Drawer

Tap the printer icon and then tap OPEN.

Master Sync

Tap the SYNC button at the top of the screen to get changes from the backend. The sync button will pulse if a sync has been prompted from the backend.

If this button is flashing, it means that an Admin has prompted you to perform a Master Sync from the backend.

Cash Pay In/Pay Out

Each time you top up the float or use petty cash, you must update the POS Register for reporting.

1. Go to POS Register

2. Enter the transaction amount on the keypad on the right


Close POS Register

At the end of each day, you must close the POS Register.

1. Go to the Held Orders screen and settle all orders

2. Go to POS Register

3. Select a coin/banknote

4. Enter its quantity

5. Press SUBMIT

6. Repeat for all cash

7. Press FINALISE— this cannot be undone.

8. Enter your other tender (e.g. credit card, vouchers)
Note: for non-cash tender amounts, refer to Reports > Current Register Summary. If your EFTPOS device is not integrated with Abacus, consult the EFTPOS device itself for card amounts.



1. What do you want to discount?

  • I want to discount the whole order
    Tap Discount on the bottom left corner

  • I want to discount only 1 product, or 1 line*
    Tap the Price on the right of the product name

*If a customer has ordered multiple identical products, you can swipe down on the order screen, and the POS will automatically add them together in one line (as shown directly above).

2. How do you want the discount to apply?

  • Flat dollar discount (e.g. $5 discounted from a latte)
    Enter the discount amount then tap $ DISCOUNT

  • Percentage discount (e.g. 5% discounted from a latte)
    Enter the percentage discount then tap % DISCOUNT

  • Reprice the product^ (e.g. A latte is now $5)
    Enter the new price and tap MODIFY

  • Reprice the sum of multiple identical products^
    (e.g. The total of all lattes ordered is now $5)
    Enter the new total price then tap MODIFY

^This changes the price for this sale only.

3. Your discount has been applied, where will you see it?

  • Whole order discounts
    These appear at the bottom of the order.

  • Product discounts (or 1 line)
    These appear underneath the product listing (or line).


A coupon is a pre-made discount that can be applied in two ways, depending on whether the coupon has a QR code or not.

Coupons with a QR code can be scanned in when you press the scanner button at the top of the screen.

Coupons with a “General” type will appear as options when you press DISCOUNT on the bottom left corner. No QR code required.

Process Orders

Refer to the bottom of the order for the controls to:

  • Find a customer (🔍CUSTOMER)

  • Add a note (ORDER DETAILS)

  • Save the order to the table (HOLD/SEND)

  • Take the customer’s payment (PAY).

Retrieve Held Orders

To retrieve a held order, go to the Held Orders screen and tap the order.
Swipe left to:

  • Print Bill

  • Reprint Order

  • Delete

  • Reorder


Tap PAY to load the payment screen. If the customer is paying cash, enter the Amount Tendered on the number pad then press CASH. Otherwise, select the option from the screen. Tap OPTIONS for custom payment methods.


Go to the Order History screen, swipe left on an order, then tap REFUND. Orders are retained in the order history for 30 days.

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