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Connect your Tyro device to Abacus POS

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How to Pair Tyro with Abacus

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Go to the Payment tab

  3. Turn on Custom Payment Providers

  4. Select Tyro Payments

  5. Select your Tyro Terminal type

  6. Follow the on-screen prompts

Note: You will need connection to the internet.

How to Switch Between Standalone and Integrated Modes

To change the Tyro Integration Method on a Yomani XR or Yoximo model:

  1. Press the Menu key

  2. Select Configuration (Enter Admin Password)

  3. Select Integrated Eftpos

  4. Select Select Integration Mode

  5. The options for Standalone and Integrated will be displayed here. Highlight the desired option and press the green OK button

To change the Integration Method on Xenta or Xentissimo Model:

  1. Press the Menu key

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Integrated Eftpos;

  4. Select Integration Mode

  5. Options for Standalone and Integrated will be displayed. Highlight the desired option and press the green OK button

Note: The Beta Yomani Models (without a printer attached) do not have this feature as they are only able to be on the 'Integrated' method.

How to Set Up Surcharges

You must only set up surcharges in one place, either within Tyro or within Abacus.

To set up surcharges within Abacus, follow these instructions.

Basic troubleshooting

If you are having issues with Tyro integrating with Abacus, reboot Tyro, unpair the terminal, then re-pair it.

Reboot Tyro:

  1. Hold down the Yellow "Corr" key until "Reboot Now" is displayed on the screen

  2. Release the key and allow the Reboot to complete

  3. The terminal will take around 1-2 minute(s) to complete a reboot

Unpair Tyro:

  1. On the Tyro, press menu

  2. Go to 5 - Configuration

  3. Enter in your store manager PIN

  4. Go into Integrated EFTPOS

  5. Go to 3 - Clear Pairings

  6. Select YES to confirm you want to clear the pairing

Pair Tyro:

  1. Go to Pair with POS on Tyro

  2. Go to Settings > Payment on Abacus POS

  3. Tap TYRO (under Custom Payments)

  4. Select your terminal type and follow the prompts

  5. On Abacus POS, enter in the MID and terminal ID that is displaying on the Tyro screen then press Authorize (on Abacus) then press Start (on Tyro).

Tyro Pay@Table

Available in Abacus POS version 2.8.16 and later.


To set up Tyro Pay@Table, you will need to speak with one of our friendly support technicians. They will need to change your Master IP address to be compatible with Tyro Pay@Table, and push settings to your Pay@Table terminal.

Note: Do not attempt to change network settings by yourself, this can have adverse effects on your connection. Speak with a support technician to set up Tyro Pay@Table with Abacus πŸ˜ƒ

How to use

(Reference: How does Pay@Table work?, Tyro)

  1. On Abacus POS, print out the bill and bring it to your table

2. Enter your Staff PIN, this is your Operator ID on Tyro

3. Enter the number of the table you are serving.

4. The order amount will display. Select whether you want to split the bill or pay it in full. If you split a bill, you can still pay with other forms of payment at the POS, however you will only be able to split the bill by dollar amounts instead of specific items.

5. Enter the payment amount then press OK

6. Select whether or not a tip will be provided.

7. Enter the tip amount. Tips are recorded on Abacus.

8. Pay by card

9. You will be prompted to print a receipt

10. You can either continue to pay the order, or hold the partially paid order.

11. If you hold the partially paid order, you can pay the remainder of it on Abacus POS

12. You can further split the payment (by Portion) on the POS.

You should have a separate Tyro terminal (not Pay@Table) stationed at the POS so it can take card payments from here.


Refunds can be made via the POS via the Order History.

In Abacus POS 2.8.100 and later, any refunds will also include tips that were placed in Tyro.

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