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Westpac Presto Smart (e355)

Connect your Westpac e355 payment device to Abacus POS

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To connect your Westpac Presto Smart (e355) payment device to Abacus POS, please follow these instructions:

Connect the e355 to the Abacus network

  1. On the e355, press O+1 then O to access the Menu

  2. Press 3 for Utility

  3. Press 3 for Network

  4. Press 1 for Wi-Fi

  5. Press 1 to Scan New

  6. Select your Abacus network, e.g. "AbacusPOS_[your store name]"
    This is the network to which your Abacus POS is already connected.

  7. Enter the password

  8. The blue Wi-Fi symbol should appear on the screen.

Pairing the e355 with Abacus POS

  1. On Abacus POS, go to Settings > Payment and toggle on Custom Payments

  2. Select Simple Payments Integration

  3. Enter the IP address as shown on the e355.

  4. Press Save.

  5. On the e355, press the # button to begin pairing mode. It will display a pairing code.
    Note: If you previously had the e355 paired, you must first press Un-Pair

  6. This pairing code will also appear on Abacus POS. Confirm the pairing code by pressing Yes on the payment device and Okay in Abacus.

  7. Abacus will say that the device is connected, and your devices will be paired.

All Functions

Press and Hold O + 1

  • Access to the menu page and its functions

Press and Hold O + 3

  • Unpair from POS terminal
    Note: The e355 does not have 3G backup/standalone mode, so you would only unpair from the POS to re-pair to another one.

  • Roll Key’s Functions

Press and Hold O + 5

Terminal configuration containing:

  • Merchant Number

  • ID

  • TID

  • Name

Press and Hold O + 8

Detailed Configuration Information, including:

  • IP Address of the device

  • Communication method

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