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Customer-Facing Display Troubleshooting
Customer-Facing Display Troubleshooting

Find out why your Customer-Facing Display isn't connecting to your POS

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In this article:

  • Resolving connection issues

  • Resolving display issues

Resolving connection issues

Ideally, your Customer-Facing Display will show "Connected: YES", "Authorised: YES"

Your Abacus POS should be showing the Customer-Facing Display under the Client List.

If this is not the case, or if your Customer-Facing Display isn't showing your customers' orders, it might be due to a login or connection issue.

Make sure you are connected to the Abacus network

  1. Go to the iPad Settings > Wi-Fi on your POS, and go to the iPad Settings > Wi-Fi on your Customer-Facing Display

  2. Ensure that both iPads are connected to the same network, which should be something like "abacuspos_yourcompany".

  3. If they are not on the same network, forget the current network you are on by pressing the (i) icon and pressing Forget this Network.

  4. Go back to the Wi-Fi page and select your Abacus network

  5. When it has a blue tick next to it, it means it's connected.

Make sure you are logged in

  1. On your Customer-Facing Display, press the cog in the top left corner to access Settings.

2. On the right of the screen, enter your login details and press Login.

Make sure your Customer-Facing Display has a Device Address

  1. Look under "Device Address"

  2. If it has no number, force quit the app. Do this by double pressing the iPad home key and swiping away the app window.

  3. Re-open the app, login, and check the Device Address again.

Make sure your devices are connected

  1. Look at the Device Address of your Abacus POS

2. Ensure that the Device Address on Abacus POS is the same as the number in the little grey box on the Customer-Facing Display.
3. Tap Connect.

4. On the Customer-Facing Display, you should see "Connected: YES".

On the POS, under the Client List, the Customer-Facing Display should appear as a connected device.

5. If you can see a listing, but the Customer-Facing Display still doesn't work, press the X button to shut off the connection and repeat the above steps.

Make sure that the connection is authorised

  1. When the Customer-Facing Display has reappeared, look at the device address and make sure it's the same as the one on Abacus POS

2. Tap the switch on the right of the Customer-Facing Display to authorise its connection with Abacus POS

If all else fails, contact our friendly support team by initiating a live chat!

Resolving display issues

If your customer-facing display is not displaying your images or screensaver, ensure that you have logged in.

NOTE: Even if your Customer-Facing Display and POS are connected and communicating (i.e. you can see the POS order), your images will not display until you log in.

Find out more about displaying images here.

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