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Linkly Cloud Connect
Linkly Cloud Connect

Connect to your payment terminals via Linkly Cloud Connect (formerly PC-EFTPOS Cloud)

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  • Getting started

  • How to set up payment terminal

  • How to pair with Abacus POS

  • Printing Settings


Abacus integrates with Linkly Cloud Connect, so you can connect to your payment terminal via the cloud.

Getting started

If you’re interested in using Linkly Cloud Connect:

  1. Sign up through your bank

  2. You will be given the credentials that will allow you to access Linkly Cloud Connect via Abacus POS

How to set up payment terminal

Different terminals may require different procedures to change from standalone mode to Linkly Cloud Connect/PC-EFTPOS Cloud mode.

The usual procedure will be as such:

  1. Press FUNC, select ‘2’ on the FUNCTION? prompt and press ENTER

  2. On the ACCESS CODE prompt, key ‘0240’ and press ENTER

  3. Press ENTER to bypass the TERMINAL ID prompt

  4. On the INTERFACE TYPE prompt, select PCEFTPOS- Cloud using the F2 and F3 soft keys and press ENTER

  5. On the ETH SETTINGS prompt, press CANCEL

How to pair with Abacus POS

Go to Custom Payments > Linkly Cloud Connect and follow the on-screen prompts to retrieve a pairing code.

A pairing code can be used once only. If you need a new pairing code, you will need to un-pair and re-pair.

If your terminal was not provided with instructions, follow these steps to retrieve the pairing code:

  1. Tap Func then enter 7410

  2. Tap option ‘2 Terminal Setup

  3. Tap on ‘Begin

  4. Tap on option ‘2 Cloud Comms

  5. Choose the connection method ‘Ethernet’ or ‘WiFi’. If you select ‘Ethernet’ skip to step 9.

  6. The message ‘Scanning available networks’ will display

  7. Select your WiFi network and enter the WiFi password

  8. Tap on ‘Next

  9. The message ‘Setup complete’ should be displayed on the PINpad

  10. Press ‘CANCEL’ button on the keypad of the PINpad

  11. A PINpad pairing screen should display

Printing Settings

From the Linkly Cloud Connect page, you can configure printing settings:

  • To print every customer receipt on the payment terminal, toggle on Auto-print on EFTPOS terminal

  • To automatically cut the receipt between each printout, toggle on Cut receipt on EFTPOS terminal. This will only work for select terminal models.

  • To reprint the last transaction tap Print Last Transaction. It will also display on the screen.

  • To print the day's settlement report, tap Print Settlement

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