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Manager Operating Guide

The quick refresher front end guide for managers

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Dos and Don'ts

  • Do contact support via live chat for issues affecting your trade, or for further questions

  • Do check your Wi-Fi network to ensure that you are on the correct Abacus network

  • Do contact support if you intend to add any devices in the future

  • Do not unplug, move, restart, reset, turn off, or otherwise interfere with your router or your access point

Getting Support

If you need to contact support but your POS is not available, launch the live chat using your smartphone:

1. Go to in your web browser

2. Open the chat bubble

3. Tap New conversation

4. Type your Enquiry to begin a chat

NEED HELP? Please contact the Support Team via live chat.


*A call-out fee will apply for any site visit where the Abacus Support Team finds that the issue was the result of customer error.

Change App Settings & Update App Version

Go to Settings > System for your POS app settings.

To save your current POS settings to the cloud, tap SAVE TO SERVER.

To retrieve POS Settings from the cloud, tap GET SERVER SETTINGS.

To get the latest version of Abacus, tap UPDATE APP VERSION.

Update Menu

This can only be done on the Master POS, or on the backend.

  1. Tap the cog next to your menu name.

2. Select a product.
If you want to add a product instead, press an empty tile with a + sign.
If you want to change product variants, you will need to log into the backend.

3. Change the details and press UPDATE.

4. Press SAVE MENU.

For more details, check this article.


1. Go to the backend to set up all surcharges (Sales > Surcharge).

2. Create your surcharges.

Bank (credit card) surcharges can be:

Applied the same to All Cards
Separated By Card Type (e.g. Mastercard, Visa)

Holiday (general) surcharges can be applied for certain days or guest amounts.

3. Enable your desired surcharge type by clicking the tickbox so it is green.

4. On the POS go to Settings > Sync > SYNC PAYMENT INFO.


For your reporting to be accurate, all your orders will need to be synced to the cloud. Go to Order History > Push to Server to manually sync your orders.

The reports you print out at the POS will correspond to the times that you had opened and closed the POS Register.

Print Current Register Summary

  1. Go to Reports > Current Register Summary.

  2. Press Print.

  3. Your current register summary will print from the POS printer.

Print Historical Register Summary

  1. Go to Reports > Register History.

  2. Select a date, then press Done.
    The beginning and end times will correspond to the times you last opened and closed the POS Register.

  3. Press Print.

  4. Your selected register summary will print from the POS printer.

If you need any further help, please contact our friendly support team!

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