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How to use group/reference printing for dockets
How to use group/reference printing for dockets

How to signify that two separate items should be served together using production dockets

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Group printing, which is also known as reference printing, is necessary for kitchen environments where two items that belong to different printer locations need to be served together.

For example, you may have one printer for drink orders, and one printer for food orders. Usually, this would mean that as soon as any drink is prepared or as soon as any food item is prepared, it is served individually to the customer, regardless of what else was ordered with it.

However, you may have a policy to serve drink and food together, at the same time. This is when you need Group Printing.

Group printing will automatically print out the order for both food and drink orders at both printer locations, so your kitchen staff know to serve both parts of the order (food and drink) together.



Basic Group Printing

  1. Go to Print Settings > Printer Locations

  2. Click on the Group tab

  3. Click the New Group button

  4. Enter the Name of the group

5. Go back to the Printer Location tab
6. Add a printer location to a group by selecting the newly created group

7. On Abacus POS, perform a Master sync

Now, when food and drink are ordered together, they will appear on both dockets!

Advanced group printing configuration

If you only want group printing to occur for specific products (eg. not any drink, but only coffee), you will need to create separate printer locations for them.

  1. Go to Print Settings > Printer Locations

  2. Create and name a New Printer Location

  3. Go to the Group tab and create a new group

  4. Add the relevant printer locations to the new group (as per above instructions)

5. Assign the new printer locations to its products. Remove the old printer location from these products to avoid double-printing.

6. On the Abacus POS, perform a Master Sync

7. Reconfigure the printer locations so your existing printer also serves as the new printer location

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