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Print KDS Completion Dockets

Print a docket each time the KDS bumps off an order

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Create a completion docket printing template

To create a completion docket printing template:

  1. On the backend, go to Print Settings > Printing Templates.

  2. Click Add Template.

3. Under Subject, enter KDS Printing Template.

4. Set the Printer Location as the one you have set for your KDS.

5. Under Template, copy and paste the following code exactly:

<center-align><font-large>Order No: [order_num][table_info]</font-large>--------------------------------Served by: [served_by][order_date_time]<left-align>[item_list]<font-large>[item_quantity] x [item_name]</font-large><font-medium><invert-color>[item_note]</invert-color>[item_extras]</font-medium>[/item_list]

6. Click Save.

7. Perform a Master Sync on the POS, and when prompted, press Notify All. This means that your KDS will sync as well.

Connect the printer to the KDS

  1. Go to the Printers tab.

  2. Tap Discover. The KDS will discover printers which are on the same network.

  3. Tap the toggle switch next to the printer name to enable its connection with the KDS.

  4. Optional: Tap Test Print to send a test message to all the printers that you have enabled.

Print a completion docket

A docket will be printed when you:

  • Tap the printer icon on an item.

  • Tap the top of a docket and tap the printer icon.

  • When you complete an order, by ticking it off.

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