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KDS Connection Troubleshooting
KDS Connection Troubleshooting

Losing orders? Here's some possible reasons why.

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If you cannot see "Connected: Yes", "Authorized: YES", follow these steps:

  1. Check that both iPads are connected to the same network, by going into the WiFi Settings

  2. Check that the Master POS is set to Master (Settings > Connection)

  3. Check that the Master's Device Address has been entered correctly into the KDS. If the Master doesn't show a Device Address, press "Restart Server" and try connecting them again

4. Check that the KDS has a Device Address. If it does not, restart the app.

If your KDS is saying "Connected: Yes" and "Authorized: Yes", but your orders are still not sending from the POS to the KDS, check the Settings on the POS.

  1. Go to Settings > System

  2. Scroll down to Printer/Receipts

  3. Enable C1. Print Order Docket upon Payment Complete or enable C3. Print Order Docket upon Hold Order (depending on when you want the docket to appear)

  4. Press Save to Server


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