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Colour-coding the KDS
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By default, the text colour will be black and the background colour white for items on the Main Orders screen and on the Item Queue screen on the KDS (Kitchen Display Screen).

However, you can use colour-coding:

  • Text colour can be set to reflect the Product Name (e.g. coffee, tea)

  • Background colour can be set to reflect the Product Production Status (preparing, held, completed, etc.)

Product Name

If you have several different kinds of products coming through to a KDS, it can be useful to differentiate them by giving them different text colours. This must be done on the backend (

  1. Go to the Product Details of the item that you wish to change the text colour for

  2. Navigate to the Advanced tab. Under Additional Options, you will find the KDS Text Colour colour picker.

3. Enter the hex colour code (e.g. #FF0000) into the field. Alternatively, use the colour picker to select a colour and click Apply.

4. The KDS text colour will show and its hex colour code will appear in the text box underneath.

5. Save

When that product is next sent to the KDS, it will appear in that colour on the virtual order docket. You can use this feature to differentiate food from beverages, desserts from mains, or to highlight chef specialties.

Note: Only products can be colour-coded, not product variants.

Product Production Status

On the KDS itself, you can update the product production status - that is, its progress. This can help the kitchen keep track of what is being made. To alter the product production status of an item:

  1. Go to the Main Orders Screen (Display All)

  2. Tap and hold an item

3. A box will pop up that shows the product status options:

  • Request - one should begin working on an order

  • Hold - an item will automatically be on hold if it has been put on hold in the POS screen

  • Preparing

  • Completed - this is the same as ticking off an order. If there is a printer connected to the KDS, pressing Completed will automatically print a completion docket.

  • Recook

  • Cancelled - this is the same as cancelling an order on the POS. If there is a printer connected to the KDS, the cancelled item will not print, even if the rest of the order has been completed

  • Reset - this resets the background to white

An item listing will be colour-coded as according to its production status. It can be changed at any time before a docket is "ticked off". This colour-coding will show on both the Main Orders screen and on the Item Queue screen.

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